The Song Of The Summer Analysis

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When we think about a summer anthem that makes us want to dance and sing all at the same time “one dance” is very likely to pop up in the head of most people. Everywhere you turn you can hear this sexy, provocative song playing, and as hard as you try it hard to not sing along. “One dance” has received many awards this summer, and Billboard, a popular charting company has even named it the song of the summer. It has been number one on the chart for a consecutive 14 weeks. It keeps at No. 2 on the overall Streaming Songs chart (after leading the list two weeks ago) with 32.8 million U.S. streams (Trust 2016). This hit summer song was written by Drake, a Canadian rapper who had become extremely popular in the hip hop but also pop genre. He was signed to …show more content…
Why is that the song of the summer, they one everyone plays over and over again sound just like any other song? It because it is standardized in the structure and it has imitated other popular musicto make “one dance” the pop hit that it is today. He also created a song that he knew was going to sell and be profitable because of it being standardized. Today I am going to do an depth analyze of “one dance” using the concepts and idea from Adorno and show how standardization and commodities made this song successful.
Taking a careful look at the composition and lyrics of “one dance” we can see that it has a problem with structural standardization specifically imitation. “One dance” is predigested with many producers and expert working on it to make it a hit and that it reflects the idea that it digests meaning while we think we are getting a refreshing new sound from drake in “one dance” it has been carefully crafted to be a summer hit ( Adorno 22). One of the ways that it does this is that it takes a component of an older song and implement that component into their song to create the

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