Rhetorical Analysis Of Beyonce

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In February 2016, Beyonce did a super bowl halftime show performance that provoked controversy all over the world. An editor from Salon Media group named Natasha Lennard, wrote a commentary named, “Why are cops taking Beyonce’s black affirmation as an attack?” after hearing that multiple police officers made the decision to boycott the halftime show. Lennard was puzzled when society began to say that Beyonce’ was attacking police officers during her ‘Formation’ performance. She suggests that Beyonce was simply being an advocate for African Americans not attacking the police force. Lennard uses mood, tone, pathos, imagery, and various rhetorical analysis to persuade her readers of her claim. She wanted this article to be geared towards …show more content…
This is a very strong statement which strikes the emotions of many because minorities can not change the color of their skin, unlike police who can just simply take off their uniforms. She uses examples of how officers can not take moderate criticisms without being offended. For instance, when mayor Bill De Blasio spoke at Officer Rafael Ramos 's funeral he mentioned that there needed to be better training. Patrick Lynch, the police union chief was not only offended but blamed the black lives matter protesters for inciting violence against police. In addition to Pathos, Lennard also uses ethos by posing a question, “ what hope do we have of ending police racism if policing institutions are offended by the image of riot cops surrendering to a dancing black child? If it is deemed an offense worthy of boycott to affirm powerful blackness and draw attention to what oppresses it? These questions to think about how we can make things better if people are offended by something as small as a surrendering to a dancing black

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