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  • Jaws Sound Analysis

    and $100 million dollars within its first two months at the box office.4 That was a significant relief, as upon the end of production, Jaws had doubled its original budget and went from a planned 55 days of filming to 4 "Jaws (1975) - Box Office Mojo." Jaws (1975) - Box Office Mojo. IMDB, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. 159. Although these numbers today are paltry. However, in the mid 70’s, these were huge sums, largely unheard of before. This film started a trend of movie studios releasing their highest projected grossing films in the summer time. The storyline of Jaws may be simple. Wherever there is an abnormally large shark, chaos will undoubtedly ensue. But Spielberg and his team transformed the simplistic idea into a true masterpiece that did what it aimed to do—scare its viewers, and convince them that the fear its subjects felt was completely validated, and that the viewers should feel it too. This could not have been achieved without the team of editors who cut scenes to actually remove the titular character, who was not always functional due to substandard equipment and water. These were replaced with shots from non traditional angles, and more so to music that so perfectly fit the mood of the film that it has since taken on a life of its own in every media since. Whatever the true reason for its success, Jaws will be remembered in history as one of the first true blockbusters, a semi low budget film whose box office sales were immensely more than anyone expected,…

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  • Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction

    so. The fourth installment of the Transformers: Age of Extinction, may have missed the mark at U.S. box offices, but there are many countries around the world where the film profits did not disappoint specifically China. The international success found in China from this film can be closely attributed to the nostalgia this movie carries, the strategic marketing done by the producers through the trailers specifically, and the universal appeal this movie holds which was created by using talent…

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  • Advantages Of Staying At Home Vs Staying Home

    A popular way to spend a quality evening with the family is by enjoying a movie. The decision of going to a movie theater versus staying home to watch a movie can be quite a debate. Although a trip to the theater may be enjoyable, staying at home to watch a movie is the better choice when considering cost, convenience, comfort and amenities. Consider this perspective to help avoid family disagreements and to better the overall movie experience. First analyze the cost of taking the whole…

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  • Paranoia As Depicted In John Carpenter's The Thing

    traumas. The beauty of “The Thing” is that it exemplifies how rich and enticing knowing very little can be to the benefit of the story. It’s a film in which you learn a lot with the characters through theorizing and contextualizing without the necessity of exposition or long-winded explanations that draw you away from the emotional impact it hits you with. For a film famous for its practical effects, they don’t dominate the narrative or overshadow the performances that carry the film’s…

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  • Case Study Of The Movie Exhibition Industry

    possibility of any new business prospects is very slim due to the unstable nature of the industry. In other words, it just doesn’t make any business sense to enter an already volatile market and absorb the unwanted risk. Reducing risk provides a challenge since there are no major investors who would take on the task to expand the industry to a productive source of capital. Competitors look for suitable strategic placement, usually in uncommon geographic regions, and all for the purpose of…

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  • The Flick Play Analysis

    The Flick is Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Annie Baker. It is set in an old movie theater, appropriately called “The Flick”. The movie theater is currently being upgraded from using an old 35 millimeter projector to a digital one. Just like the theater is undergoing changes, so are the lives of the play’s three characters, Avery, Sam, and Rose as they learn more about each other in the time they share at The Flick. The play begins by introducing to Sam and Avery, both of whom are seen…

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  • The Freedom Writers: Movie Analysis

    Books and movies are just two ways that people entertain themselves nowadays, but books made into movies make reading and watching them ten times better. Sometimes books that are made into movies can leave some important details out, but The Freedom Writers is one of the most portrayed movies. The Freedom Writers is one of those books made into a movie. The Freedom Writers book was written by Erin Gruwell and published in 1999. The movie “Freedom Writers” was produced in 2007 by Richard…

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  • Movie Going Case Study

    AMST 350H Spring ‘16 Moviegoing Assignment Movie going was a new phenomenon at the turn of the 20th century. Many downtowns in big cities, were some of the first places to show movies, and some of the first places to open up standalone movie theatres. These theatres, largely known from the Sanborn maps, gives the audience a glimpse of what downtown social life would have looked like for both whites and blacks during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The movie going experience shows the…

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  • Movie Theater Industry Analysis

    2015 was a record breaking year for box office revenues. Considering this fact and the presence of numerous multiplex cinemas scattered about almost every city in the United States, many might be surprised to learn that cinema attendance, as a percentage of the population, is among the lowest it has ever been. This paper will seek to explain this conundrum by examining forces that have impacted the demand of viewing movies at cinemas throughout history. The Origins of Movie Theaters Various…

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  • Motion Picture Trailers

    Stimulation in the United States is exhibited in different courses, for example, music, TV programs, and even computer games. A standout amongst the most famous ways individuals today stay entertained is from remarkable taped motion pictures. From "activity stuffed" to chilling thrillers, films fulfill anybody with any class inclination. Viewing a better than average motion picture at home is one thing, however sitting in a real motion picture theater is a very surprising story. Viewing a film…

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