Boyle's law

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  • Boyle's Law

    Unlike solids and liquids, gases are known to have both variable volume and pressure. The gas laws were formulated in the late 18th century by various scientists to develop a relationship between the volume, pressure, temperature, and the number of moles of a gas.1 This has allowed scientists today to manipulate these variables in controlled lab settings, to utilize these laws in new innovations such as ventilation systems, and to explain observed biological phenomenon like breathing. Boyle’s Law, the first of these gas laws, was published in 1662, and developed an inverse relationship between pressure and volume, provided that the temperature and the number of moles of gas remained constant.1 It is illustrated by the equation PV = k1, where…

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  • The Ideal Gas Law, Boyle's Law

    Gases, solids, and liquids are the three states that a substance can exist as. A gas does not maintain shape and volume. Gases expand to fit and fill the container. While a liquid maintains volume, but not shape and fits the shape of the container it is placed in. Solids can maintain both volume and shape. When a gas exerts force on the walls of a container, this is known as its pressure. Pressure varies based on temperature and volume. Many gas laws were used within this experiment, such as…

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  • Boyle's Law Lab Report

    Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to confirm the functional relationship of Boyle’s law through the use of a manometer. The two parts of this experiment will determine the number of moles of oxygen and the second part will determine the number of moles of nitrogen, that will lead to determine the value of R by measuring P, V, and T. Theory/Principles A physical law such as Boyle’s law states that P, the exerted fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature and V, the volume have a…

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  • Experiment Of The Marcet Boiler And Boyle's Law

    Abstract This lab report focuses on the two experiments on pressure systems conducted, the Marcet boiler and Boyle’s law. The aim of this lab is to investigate in pressure-temperature relationship, Boyle’s law, as well as steam quality. The results of this experiment support both relationship, as well as successfully providing a value for steam quality. For the Marcet boiler experiment, it was found that the higher the system pressure, the higher the saturated temperature. For the Boyle’s law…

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  • Son Preference Case Study

    adopted laws and regulations that forbid the practice that give preference to son over daughter (see table 1 below). Table 1: Laws and regulations to prohibit sex-biased discriminations In addressing the issue of son preference, the government laws and regulations to promote gender equality, to tackle the issue of China’s sex ratio imbalance, adopted and carried out series of policies, laws and strategies actions to address the issue of abnormally high SRB in active and comprehensive way, in…

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  • The Career Of A Lawyer: A Career As A Career

    Lawyer Jean Giraudoux said that “There is no better way of exercising the imagination than the study of law. No poet ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth.”As a child something in me always wanted to debate with a judge or prosecute someone or just be in the courtroom. I guess it is because when I 'm with my dad we always watch crime shows. But the thing that really got me was when I took Civics in Economics my sophomore year we didn 't just talk about politics in…

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  • Ethical Ethics In The Rainmaker

    Attorneys are bound by the laws of ethics. Law students spend countless hours studying what they may and may not do when representing their clients. However, real-world application presents far more dilemmas than those discussed in a classroom. Rudy Baylor, the star of the film The Rainmaker, gets a dose of reality as he enters the legal profession right after law school. Rudy is a young, unemployed lawyer desperate for a job. Without any connections to prestigious law firms, he is forced to…

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  • Illegal To Save Lives Analysis

    Illegal to Save Lives “The boundaries which divides life from death are the best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” – Edgar Allen Poe. One such person, author Joanna Mackay, wrote “Organ Sales Will Save Lives”, written in 2004, and she argues that black market organ sales should be legal so that more lives will be saved. Mackay begins building up her credibility with facts and reputable sources, citing facts and quotes, and also successfully…

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  • The Pro-Choice: The Women Should Not Get An Abortion

    through or what problems she has and why she could have a bunch of reasonable reasons on why she should have the abortion and why it should be the woman 's choice. People that think it’s wrong for a mother to have the right to get an abortion need to go through what some of the women have gone through and see if they still think it’s wrong for her to choice because they don’t know the circumstances the woman could be going through. So while people still think abortion should be illegal they…

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  • Euthanasiad Suicide: Assisted Suicide

    physician-assisted suicide is legal in a total of six states: Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont, Washington, Montana, with the most recent being California, legalizing it on October 5, 2015. These states have passed acts such as the Death With Dignity Act in Oregon, in 1997. "The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee the right to choose to die. However, the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that Americans have a fundamental right to privacy, or what is sometimes called the "right to be left alone""…

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