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  • One Direction Band Characteristics

    One Direction is an English-Irish pop boy band composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and formerly Zayn Malik, until his departure in March 2015. They are currently one of the biggest pop acts in the world and have won multiple awards, including most recently Artists of the Year at the 2015 American Music Awards. They have broken many records, and are ranked the fourth highest earning celebrities in the world. They were put together as a band after each individually auditioned for The X Factor in 2010, where they were placed third and signed to Syco Records shortly thereafter. They have currently released five albums. (“One Direction”, 2015) What has made One Direction such a force in the music industry are their…

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  • Compare And Contrast One Direction And The British Boy Band

    In the music industry, their happens to be a lot of competition between different young male singers. One of the most famous competition is between the British boy band One Direction, and Justin Bieber. Both of these artists are very famous and popular to teenage girls all around the world. Almost everybody has heard about both of these artists and they are both definitely breaking records. Their fans, the Beliebers, and the Directioners are sometime caught in a battle of who is the better and…

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  • Review: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot By Brand New

    “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” by Brand New, relates to me personally because of a friendship I came across in high school. When I listen to this song, it brings me back to my teenage years, when I was a young girl longing for a relationship with my dream guy. This band was introduced to me by an English teacher from highschool whom I had the biggest crush on. I connect with this song because it reminds me of the relationship I had with this teacher. He stole my heart at first sight,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Boy Band, One Direction

    I 'm from Holmes Chapel, I was raised my mom Anna and step dad Robin, and I have a sister named Gemma. My birthday is February 1st. My favorite color is blue, I am an excellent Kazoo player. The young star also enjoys juggling. Before forming One Direction, I was the lead singer of the band White Eskimo.” Well his life has been good unlike mine. “Tell me about you.” I don’t see why not. “Lets see… I’m 17 my birthday, is in two weeks, my favorite, color is blue. I love to sing and my mom, she…

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  • How My Freshman Year Changed My Life

    shy girl; I was the one that was so scared of what people thought about her to the point where she’d hold back her dreams because she was too afraid. Freshman year changed the rest of my life for me. It wasn’t only the eye-opening year where I realized I’m more than my awkwardness; it was the year I did something about it. It was the year that I took the initiative to come crawling out from this outer shell that protected me from the harsh words that this earth has to offer, and I can’t say for…

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  • Band Hinds Concert Report

    April 17, the band Hinds with opening act Twin Peaks perform live at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix. It was a Monday and I had class at 5:45pm till 7pm and homework due soon. Like every college student we tend to procrastinate and say "screw it, have fun",yet regret it later. That day I proudly skip class and my boyfriend and I take a lyft from my house to downtown Phoenix and meet up with our group of friends. To give a little information on the band, Hinds is a Spanish indie…

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  • Music Education In A Multicultural Setting Analysis

    different races and cultures. This is because of emotions. According to Roger Cross (2013), everyone has something called emotional intelligence (p. 22). Emotional intelligence pertains to how people feel to certain pieces of music. This is beginning to be necessary to promote sustainable values and behaviors among all cultures. Music education is supposed to focus on the multicultural issues in music due to the diversity in the music that is obtained by the director and handed to the…

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  • Music Research Papers

    These musicians do not care about the conventional life of having a job and family, but instead focus on expressing their views in artistic ways through their music. In some cases, music was the only motivation of living for some musicians, especially in areas of unemployment and distress, where young people had very limited opportunities. This was the reason why a stereotype developed, considering musicians depressed and low-life individuals who were not contributing to society. Not bound by…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Musician

    He has since than been playing the instrument for 25 plus years. James told me the person who influenced him to play the bass guitar was “Les Clay Pool,” from the band called “Primus”. His first performance was when he was 19 years old. He played with his very first band named (IN) which was a punk rock band. They performed at a bar named the “Token Lounge,” which is located in Westland, MI. During his time as a musician he’s played many shows. His favorite gigs to play are outdoor festivals.…

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  • First Friday Research Paper

    The melody was clear and memorable. The audience reacted to the music at appropriate times, singing along if they knew the lyrics and applauding when each song was finished. During a particular song, “You make me feel like dancing”, about 4 couples got up to the front of the audience and danced their hearts out. I believe the general environment of the location in which this concert took place contributed to the vibe of the music. It took at Railroad Square because First Friday is a monthly…

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