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  • Visual Rhetorical Analysis In Oral Communication

    Assignment four, visual rhetorical analysis, helped me develop oral communication skills. For this assignment, we were asked to deliver a presentation, and it was also the first official presentation that we made in front of the whole class in this course. To prepare for this presentation, I first referred to the paper I wrote for the topic, which was warning biohazard, and tried to take out the thesis and main points,then, based on the thesis and main points, I wrote an outline of the…

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  • Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

    1. Introduction The objective of this report is to consider a human resource management issue, analyse the situation, identify issues and provide recommendations in moving forward. This report will look at key issues pertaining to staff training and development for the administrative team at Central Highlands Community Legal Centre (CHCLC). 1.1 The organisation CHCLC is a generalist community legal centre providing free legal information and advice on a variety of civil legal matters for those…

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  • Monomyth Stages Organizer

    Name: ___________________ T: _____/15 A: _____/5 ENG2D1 Independent Reading-Looking for Alaska by John Green - Monomyth Stages Organizer – Part 2 Complete the following chart based on your independent reading selection. Use your paper copy for rough work and word process your final copy. This document will be available online for you. 1. Clearly identify and explain each stage 2. Find a quotation that best represents each stage. 3. Justify how this quotation demonstrates each stage.…

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  • Computer Technology Reflection

    introduction to Computer Applications, we looked at different topics in relation to computer technology. Among the subjects we looked at were a worldview of technology, various media websites for clip art, animation, and graphics, and using Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I would like to reflect on these topics and critique a classmates PowerPoint presentation as this class comes to an end. When I started this course on computer technology, I really did not…

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  • BIS 155 Final Exam Paper

    data with summaries of the dollar amounts of sales for each of 151 different products sold at 23 retail stores. The daily data is tracked by product and by store. At the end of the day each store sends its data to the sales manager at the corporate office. The data is sent in an Excel spreadsheet. Describe a data consolidation strategy and at least two different types of visualization techniques the sales manager can use to analyze the data received from all stores. Be sure to include formulas…

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  • Movie Review: Summary Of The Internship

    SUMMARY OF THE INTERNSHIP The story is based on Google’s approach to employment. The movie is about two middle-aged men whose company has shut down and therefore are unemployed. The two men (Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell) come across an internship at Google. The first interview takes place through an online video call and gone through to the final internship process which determines their final position in the company. McMahon and Campbell are seen as outsiders on the first day because of…

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  • Internet Jewelry Store Case Study

    Business Model for Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store The best business model for Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store is a business to consumer model or merchant model. This model is best because the jewelry store is a merchant which sells items for profit. This business model allows customers to purchase items which are kept in stock in a warehouse. This model is better than a B2B2C which is a business to business to consumer model. A B2B2C is a business model that takes orders from consumers, charges…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Transition From Community College To University

    To the job site I brought in proficient computer skills including technical and software aspects. During my time at a Community College, I learned and advanced capabilities in Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access (database software). I believe this was an advantage when making the transition from Community College to University because I would be able to use advanced features in these programs to help me excel in projects and assignments. On…

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  • APS6: Project Reporting Report

    Lean Six Sigma methodology as I became a Yellow Belt in July 2015. Within my current role as SAM Team Leader I have used the define phase to select projects, such as staff performance and processing errors, and have used tools such as Pareto charts, box plots and flow charts to measure this information. These steps showed there were…

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  • Business Ethics: What Does Copyright Protect?

    INFO SYS Ethics Copyright This means no one is allowed to copy your stuff because it 's illegal unless they get your permission and give you credit for making it if they choose to use it. NZ Copyright Act 1994 - What does copyright protect? Copyright protects your work and/or stuff so that people can 't use it or claim it as theirs and if they do use your pictures etc. with permission then they should give you credit. Movies are copyright so that they…

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