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  • Medical Record Setting

    Medical Record Documentation in the Veterinary Setting A record, synonymous with other terms such as, health record or medical record, is a collection of related fields that refers to all the data accumulated regarding the patient’s visit or all of the patient’s visits. The health information professional will find that in relation to the veterinary health medical record, similarities between the veterinary delivery care setting and human health care setting extend to the approach veterinary animal patient medical records are documented and maintained. Michelle Shipley’s article, Choosing the Path Less Traveled, in the Advance Health Care Network for Health Information Professionals, points out similarities between the human health information…

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  • The Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

    The age of computers has drastically enhanced our ability to view, document and diagnose without the need to write on paper. There are many software applications available for use to aide in recording a patient’s health record. The technology of today is designed to capture the whole picture of a patient’s medical conditions. The paper medical record could often be illegible and often mistakes were made when transcribing, causing misinformation used to treat the patient. The benefits are huge,…

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  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

    Electronic medical Records (EMR) based on many researchers all over the world. According to the Peter Chris Okpala which is one of the author that write an article about electronic medical records (EMR) , an electronic medical records (EMR) is a system that have been used in healthcare sectors in Malaysia. The terms of electronic medical records is a computerized medical records which is can be accesed with the concerned of patient privacy. It is also defined as a digital version of the…

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  • Electronic Medical Records In Healthcare

    What are Electronic Medical Records? Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is the term used to describe the electronic storage of patient health information. EMR are used widely in the medical field and help provide personalized and interactive healthcare options for users. Like in many other industries, for decades medical records were all kept in written records. Recently a movement has occurred, moving healthcare away from written records and now to online records. Now, medical records are almost…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Medical Records

    goal of medical record is to document systematically appropriate medical records or health information about patients, as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases, those who have experienced domestic violence, victims of elder and child abuse, workplace accident victims, as well as personal injury petitioners. Recently medical records have been radically transformed, the traditional paper medical records such as handwritten or typed has become electronically enhanced. This has been boosted…

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  • Benefits And Disadvantages Of Electronic Medical Records

    According to “Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s.” This is great to use because it contains medical information of the patients and it makes it easier to have access to it. Also with EMR staff members cannot lose patients information because it will always be in the system. The disadvantage of paper records is that it is much easier to lose or misplace paper records. states “EMRs allow clinicians to track data…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Electronic Medical Records

    Have they ever considered what happens to their paper medical records if they are missing or lost? As of 2014, the federal government has required that all health care providers implement electronic medical records within their systems. Electronic health records provide a better way to treat patients; they are more accurate, easier to read and to be understood, as well as having the ability to share patient information with the healthcare community. Although some doctors believe that paper…

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  • Benefits Of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

    Electronic Medical Records Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a collection of patient information that is stored and accessible digitally. EMRs make medical records more readily accessible to healthcare professionals by making records available from virtually any computer. EMRs were introduced in 1972 to improve accuracy and efficiency of creating, editing, adding to, and reviewing medical records (Electronic Health Records, 2012). Quality of Care It is arguable that EMRs have…

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  • Electronic Medical Records: A Case Study

    Implementing the Clinical Practice Guidelines portion of Electronic Medical Records: Physician’s Buy In With the outburst of technology and the new and creative ways to access information. Also healthcare administrators we understand that physicians are forced to leave behind pen and paper and fiercely adapt to the use of the IT world. However, there has been resistance to the adoption of new systems and the integration of patient care. To complicate things, health administrators and health…

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  • Electronic Medical Record And Health Care Case Study

    Electronic Medical Records The purpose of this case analysis is to address the problem related to Electronic Medical Records and Health Care. Let us, examine how effective can be EMR to support health care of the patient. Technology has always been helpful in solving the problems associated to health and medical care. Advance technologies have been used to cure diseased people all around the world. Let's have a look at another Digitizing Technology, i.e. EMR (Rouse, 2011). Problem in Case…

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