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  • Medical Specialty Essay

    Essays Discuss your top choice of medical specialty that you selected in the grid above. What inspires you to pursue this area of medical practice? My top choice of medical specialty is emergency medicine because I love the fast-pace and high pressure environment it provide. I like how each day presents new challenges that require the comprehensive knowledge and skill of the physician. One minute one is working on a stroke patient and the next a car accident victim came into the ER, the amount of pressure to control the chaos and remain calm at the same time is what I really love to do. But one of the main reasons that motivate me to become an ER doctor is working as a team. With patients often having a combination of disorders, it takes a team to work together thoughtfully in order to provide the…

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  • Pediatrics Essay

    “They believe in magic, they play pretend, there is fairy dust in their IV bags” (Grey’s Anatomy-Arizona Robbins). Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. It isn’t about doing your job and leaving. You also have to care and have patience. You have to be able to do your job and make the children feel safe and secure. Pediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. There are many branches in pediatrics--such as, pediatric…

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  • Objectivity In Medicine

    objectivity and have concluded that they are found to be questionable and at times unattainable. This has led these philosophers to question not only the attainability, but its value. If, it is truly unattainable, of what value is it? And I would argue- why should medical knowledge achieving an objective standard in medicine be subjected to criteria that ‘traditional’ objective truths fail? This raises the question of how should objectivity be defined and if it is, in fact, desirable. I would…

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  • Nursing Field Experience Essay

    experience. Although being joyous about her career, she did express some negatives. These negatives consisted of the troubling times that come when dealing with sick children. The positives of a patient having a full recovery and returning to normal life is extremely rewarding. When talking to Garett about my future plans of specialty options she recommended keeping an open mind when going into a clinical experience. It is important to give other areas an opportunity to spark an interest…

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  • Importance Of Conducting A Risk Assessment

    Conducting a Risk Assessment A 25-year-old patient has presented to the clinic today. The patient reports that she is homeless, a type II diabetic, HIV positive, and currently pregnant with a gestational age of 25 weeks. The patient also reports that she was previously seen at a community health clinic that has since closed due to monetary factors. At this point during the initial prenatal visit, the provider should perform a risk assessment on this patient. Prior to conducting the risk…

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  • Secondary Prevention In Rehabilitation

    Whenever working in rehabilitation the recovery process tends to be a central aspect (Allen et al., 2013). Occasionally the disability might be a psychiatric and/or physical disability however the process is practically the same (Allen et al., 2013). Whenever an individual is conducting a recovery process, they must first create a prevention model. The prevention model is divided into three stages of primary, secondary and tertiary (Allen et al., 2013). In the primary prevention the matter for…

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  • Essay On Nurse Competency

    guidance for bedside nurses, communicates with insurance agencies, consults and coordinates care with other healthcare providers (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady, 2014), Nurse Informatics (NI) The specialty of a nurse informatics (NI) comprises of the sciences of nursing, information, computer, management and communication of data and information knowledge on the nursing practice that supports the decision making of patients and healthcare providers through the use of information technology,…

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  • Certified Nurse Anesthetist

    people do not understand that each nurse has a completely different specialty. The two types of nursing jobs have different tasks that need to be completed, different education requirements, different annual pay rates, and different benefits that come with the job, but each nursing job has similarities, including these two specialties. Nurses have the hardest jobs in the medical field and hopefully after learning about these two completely different nursing specialties people will have a better…

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  • A Career In Pediatric Oncology

    Pediatric Oncology is a career in the medical field. A pediatric oncologist is a doctor that specializes in children’s health (pediatric) and cancer (oncology). My reason for studying this career is because this career seems like something I would really enjoy doing. Not only is this job a secure job, but it gives me a chance to help others. Before this research paper, I knew that to become this type of doctor, I would be in school for at least 8 years. I knew that all doctors have to complete a…

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  • Neonatal Nurses

    Nurses are medical professionals who advocate to protect the interests of their patients. Nurses are very important in the healthcare field because like doctors they improve and save lives every day. Some responsibilities of nurses are monitoring their patients so they will have the ability to determine the best approach in caring for them. Nurses also educate their patients on upcoming procedures and treatments. For an example, Nurses may show them how to redress a wound or teach a family a…

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