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Discuss your top choice of medical specialty that you selected in the grid above. What inspires you to pursue this area of medical practice? My top choice of medical specialty is emergency medicine because I love the fast-pace and high pressure environment it provide. I like how each day presents new challenges that require the comprehensive knowledge and skill of the physician. One minute one is working on a stroke patient and the next a car accident victim came into the ER, the amount of pressure to control the chaos and remain calm at the same time is what I really love to do. But one of the main reasons that motivate me to become an ER doctor is working as a team. With patients often having a combination of disorders, it takes a team to work together thoughtfully in order to provide the
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During that time, I didn’t know what death meant and so sometimes ask my mom “where is daddy?” in which she will tell me that he is in a better place. It took me some time to comprehend the whole situation and when I realize that he was not coming back, I was heartbroken and in tears each night. It felt as though the whole world is collapsing on me; it was as if everything was taken away from me. Yet whenever I felt down, my mom was always there telling me that I should be grateful for the time that we had spent with each other. It was then that I realized I was being selfish for getting mad at why he left and I came to accept the fact that he is at peace. Through this experience of grief and loss, I learn that I should always allow my friends and family to support me in any way they can. It is wonderful to know there are people in my life who got my back yet it would mean nothing if I don’t let them in. The death of my dad had left a large hole in my life, but I came to accept the reality that I must accept reality and move forward without my role model by my

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