Personal Narrative: The Day I Turned Into My House

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My eyes always lit up when I walked into her house. It always smelled of fresh tasteful food. From her short curly brown hair, small frame, graying eyes with blue eye shadow on her lid making them pop, to her caring and loving personality always made me memorize her beauty growing up. We were both growing older, but for some reason she was ageing faster. Lupe helped my mom and dad raise me when I needed someone to care for me while they were at work trying to make enough to support four growing girls. I was under her care most days, practically when I was at vacation or the days I would get sick and my parents were at work. It was until one day I started seeing her struggle to get up and catch a breathe that this was going to be the beginning of her suffering. As the years passed her sickness was on and off, leading her in and out of the hospital constantly since her own children weren’t able to care for her. I grew older and felt that I didn’t …show more content…
My mom came to me and said she didn’t make it. I couldn’t take it, I've never cried as much as I did that day. It was a long day of tears and sorrows exchanged between the family. I went home and couldn’t focus on anything other than what my I had just saw. The next two weeks were nothing but sadness for myself. I lost a piece of me when I lost her. I was very to myself and my family left me alone since they knew I was the closest to her. One day my mom decided to have a talk with me and give me a positive outlook on what had happened. She sat on my bed and said, “She's in a better place now, and just know she's looking down on you every step of the way.” The pain of losing her was still there, but I knew deep down that she truly was there spiritually taking care of me. Two weeks had passed and the day had come. On Thursday the rosary took place and on Friday the burial. Friday was when I really realized that Lupe was probably happy of not suffering

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