Medical restraint

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  • Mental Health Ethical Issues

    provided different opinions and ways of going about treating the issue. Since the mental health act in 1983 the use of restraint on mentally ill patients has come along way, however there is still improvement to be made I'm sure. The essay will analyse the key ethical issues involved determing the issue by, considering arguments for for and against the use of restraint and what people's views are on it. It will then go on to describe ethical theories such as metaethics, situation ethics and utiltarism and also go on to give evidence to back up points made. Finally I will draw up some conclusions to summarise key points made in the…

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  • Assignment 2 Reflection In Health Care

    background, workplace culture highly influences the values. For example: medical restrain: Medical restrain is restricting the movement of a patient with slight pain in order to prevent harming themselves and others. At the time when I used to work in an institution I have seen many cases of restrain. I value…

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  • Psychiatric Restraints

    Relatively little research has been done on the use of restraints on the aging adult; this paper will be a comparative tool to show the different forms that are currently being used, its effects on the population and the interventions that are successfully integrated. Psychiatric patients sometimes undergo a phase of aggression and violence because of their mental health problems for example dementia. Management of such patients is a difficult task for nurses. Restraints or seclusion are come…

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  • Restraints Case Studies

    had happened in a case study done to remove restraints but raise awareness of alternatives to fall prevention. According to Nursing Homes, a Canadian trade publication magazine who has been in print since 1990 Eastern State Hospital initiated a reduction program to remove the use of physical restraints in their facility. This project they explain is a never-ending work offering staff education and training often, in alternatives to restraints. While the hospital cut the number of restraints by…

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  • Disadvantages Of Chemical Restraints

    In the medical field there is a never-ending variation of patients, but all patients can be broken into two main categories based off the mental cognitive ability. Those categories are cognitively impaired or aware, meaning that the patient is able to mentally process information with comprehension, judgement, and has control of emotions. Patients who are cognitively impaired have the exact opposite in various degrees. As we had spoken to Lisa Edwards a Certified Nursing Assistance in the state…

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  • Physical Restraint Analysis

    physical restraints in long-term care facilities and home care is still relevant in Canada as reports suggest a physical restraint use prevalence of 13.2% nationwide (Freeman, Spirgiene, Martin-Khan, & Hirdes, 2017). Despite available evidence indicating that physical restraints use does not decrease the incidence of falls, the most commonly cited reason for such interventions is to prevent injuries from falls (Möhler & Meyer, 2014; Shanahan, 2012). Accordingly, it is appropriate to further…

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  • Restraint And Seclusion Analysis

    Within the special education setting, students can sometimes act out, or possibly do something that could harm himself or herself or another student. What do we as teachers do? Many teachers have found methods of restraint and seclusion when the student needs it. Over the years there have been many cases of using restraint and seclusion and having it turn into abuse. By more cases of abuse from restraint and seclusion there have been laws set in place in order to make sure the student, teacher,…

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  • How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

    2016 Legalizing Cannabis? Should America legalize cannabis for medical and recreational usage? Why is cannabis illegal and alcohol is not illegal? What is the origin of the plant? What effect does it have on the body? What benefits could patients receive from the legalization of this plant? Shouldn’t America legalize cannabis and regulate its usage in a manner that is similar to the laws and regulations of alcohol? To thoroughly debate the issue, one needs to acquire a greater…

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  • 5.1.8 Continuity Of Care Essay

    a.:3). In cases where a patient is incapable of understanding the circumstances but has not been refereed incompetent, or when legal requirements limit the right to refuse treatment, the conditions and circumstances shall be fully documented by the attending physician in the patient’s medical record (Anon, s.a.:3). 5.1.10 Experimental Research Written, informed consent must be obtained prior to a patient’s participation in experimental research (Anon, s.a.:3). Patients have the right to refuse…

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  • Patient Safety Essay

    It’s more than likely that every person has encountered some situation relevant or based on patient safety. Multiple times in a person’s life we have encountered a patient safety situation whether we heard about it on the news by various IOM reports, known a friend or loved one who experienced a medical error, yourself had experienced a medical error, or maybe you were a nurse or doctor who mistakenly made a medical error. The issue with patient safety is becoming a bigger and bigger problem as…

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