Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Medical Records

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The main goal of medical record is to document systematically appropriate medical records or health information about patients, as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases, those who have experienced domestic violence, victims of elder and child abuse, workplace accident victims, as well as personal injury petitioners. Recently medical records have been radically transformed, the traditional paper medical records such as handwritten or typed has become electronically enhanced. This has been boosted through hard drives, back up tapes, CD’s, and DVD’S. The health care industry has rapidly and gradually become computerized both in the United States and throughout the world. On the other hand, there is electronic medical record which electronically stores database containing patient’s medical health information from different types of sources, including imaging of paper records. …show more content…
First of all, hospitals and health providers usually have store rooms where they archive their paper records. These paper records normally occupy a lot of space and they are not eco-friendly. However, Hospitals and skilled nursing amenities that uses paper records often place patient’s chart on special holders attached to a hospital bed. This method makes it easy for nurses, social workers and other medical staff to quickly find the patient 's charts. During a medical emergency, nurses and doctors does not have to access a computer terminal, or page through multiple screens to look at the patient 's medical history. However, with paper records it can make a difference without the struggle of passwords and maneuvering around computer

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