Baptist Health Case Study

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Healthcare technology has greatly advanced over the last 25 years. Healthcare continues to evolve in complexity through the progression of time. Policies and procedures have been implemented and revised to accommodate swift changes that have transpired. Medical diagnoses and diseases have increased in number over the last decade, which enhances the need for healthcare services. As more and more patients seek healthcare services, the need for record keeping and easy navigation when reviewing patient records is imperative when providing high-quality, excellent patient care.
Chronological History Accommodating an influx of patients requires great organization, precise record keeping, and flexible healthcare provider availability. In addition,
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The mission of Baptist Health centers upon providing high-quality, affordable, healthcare services from a Christian approach to all persons seeking care (Baptist Health, 2016). Health information technology is supported within Baptist Health. Baptist Health aims to prevent re-hospitalizations, and unnecessary patient admissions. Nurse navigators are utilized on every nursing unit, and also in the outpatient setting. Patient education is highly regarded, with advanced healthcare education search engines in place within the electronic medical record. This facilitates swift responses to patient or family questions at any time during the healthcare …show more content…
Suggestions and input are necessary to ensure that technology is beneficial and doesn 't become a hindrance. A strategy that I would utilize to promote team building is unit monthly check ins. These meetings would highlight what is working good, and what can be improved. It would also allow additional feedback, highlighting specific improvements that may benefit the patient, nurse workload, and organization overall (Piscotty, Kalisch, and Gracey-Thomas, 2015).
Speaking with every nursing unit/department inpatient and outpatient is necessary to ensure effective communication between patients, families, and healthcare staff. Access to healthcare is positively impacted through frequent review of current technological practices. These efforts would ensure that access to healthcare is never compromised, and that high-quality patient care is provided at all times without delay. Healthcare staff that feel included are more likely to engage in teamwork/team building, which produces desirable patient

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