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  • Case Study Of Crawford's Ethical Dilemma

    In case one, Crawford submitted his archaeology project through a crowdfunding company and soon received the amount that he asked for. After completing his project, several of his investors wanted a share of the profits. Mr. John Manley, one of the investors, requested a letter to explain Crawford’s intentions. Crawford should explain to Mr. Manley that commercialization of his new found artifacts are ethically wrong and these artifacts are public property. To sell the artifacts that Crawford…

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  • My Career College Essay

    untitled It 's 2 a.m. on my first Friday morning as a college student. My temples begin to ache, as my eyelids gradually gain weight – a long night has turned into an early morning. A biology lab lurks just past the rising sun. Do I continue to finish my beat or do I use the remaining hours to rest before an overloaded morning? As I try to answer that question, a larger, looming one presents itself: Do I follow my dream of becoming a major music producer or do I take a safer route,…

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  • Tiger Rag Analysis

    of themes such as the ability to overcome loss, to support the ones we love regardless of their faults, and to face wizards within. While both Ruby and Devon were well advanced characters, in such unambiguous contrast to the greatly entertaining records in the past, they feel skinny. Ruby, a physician, is on her way to New York City to provide a discourse on anesthetic-induced amnesia. On the other hand, Devon has survived on the environs of jazz (Christopher 53). She seems to be relying on Ruby…

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  • Stax Museum Reflection

    I learned about the importance of Stax Records, how it impacted the community around the people of Memphis, TN and how Stax Records was not just another business to be run for profit. But, a family of intense individuals who loved making music, despite the color of their skin. I also found out, the doors were always open to the people…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Odysseus And Telemachus

    Both Odysseus and Telemachus play extremely pivotal and important roles in Homer’s The Odyssey. The phrase “like father like son” can easily describe the similarities between Odysseus and Telemachus’s characters. However, no human beings are exactly alike as both characters also share a great number of differences. So although Odysseus and Telemachus are both similar in the way that they’re great heroic warriors, they differ in craftiness and arrogance which reflect Ancient Greek values.…

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  • How To Describe Eminem

    Beautiful Looking at me, you may not believe that I went through an Eminem phase. It all started when I was babysitting one night and 8 mile, a movie loosely based on the life of Marshal Mather’s better known as Eminem, came on (don’t worry, the kids were already sound asleep). I loved the movie and the music in it so much that I started researching Eminem’s life. I mean the man is a lyrical genius how can you not become slightly obsessed with him at some point in your life. I started listening…

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  • How Did Mavis Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    Civil Rights movement. In 1946 the band made their first official debut. They were given the opportunity to sing in a church in Chicago and the crowd loved them. From then on, the Staples Singers performed more songs and were given the chance to record an…

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  • Should Musicians Be Able To Advertise?

    Musicians should be able to advertise because it helps their career in the long run. Musicians need to be heard in order to get a lot of fans, but what if they do not know how to get the word out? That's when they can rely on advertising to show the world there music. The musicians would also become more recognized and famous. People also enjoy this because they would be able to listen to all of these new songs for free, and expand there music choice. Plus, the world gets to hear the music.…

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  • Marshmallow Research Paper

    Would you be able to wait for two minutes to eat a marshmallow? There have been constant discussions going on around the world as to whether or not willpower is important in life. These studies have many varied results but more often than not, they all produced similar results to an extent. Some studies show that having willpower from a young age makes you more likely to be successful at an older age. It has also been shown that having willpower can help you in the long run, but more often than…

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  • Apple Music Case Study

    Apple Music Apple is a revolutionary company in digital music and has changed the structure of recorded music market with iPod and iTunes in the 2000s. Apple’s iPod and iTunes have led digital music market as the leading provider of MP3 players. However, Apple is now a newcomer in streaming music market with Apple Music, launched in 2015. Since 2005, global digital music revenues have been growing so fast (Exhibit 1-a Global Recorded Music Industry Revenues 2005-2015). Especially, streaming…

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