Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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There are many definitions of an Electronic medical Records (EMR) based on many researchers all over the world. According to the Peter Chris Okpala which is one of the author that write an article about electronic medical records (EMR) , an electronic medical records (EMR) is a system that have been used in healthcare sectors in Malaysia. The terms of electronic medical records is a computerized medical records which is can be accesed with the concerned of patient privacy. It is also defined as a digital version of the traditional paper-based medical records for a patients. An electronic medical records is one of the best alternative that have been taken by healthcare sector in order to ensure that they can facilitate workflow and improve the …show more content…
One of the benefits is they can satisfy their patients in terms of time management. This is because some of the patients are not comfortable with the healthcare services because they need to wait for a long time just to get the treatment from the doctor. Not only that, there are demonstrated a number of benefits in term of improvement of community health by using this electronic medical records. For example like storage space. According to the Peter Chris Okpala, there are decreased storage space requirements and reduced efforts in searching for the records of the patient. In contrast to physically locating paper medical records from files, electronic searches for records can be performed at the computer within seconds. So this is shown that by using an electronic medical records, we can save many space and not only that, all the records that are needed immediately can be found easily. It is because the staff which is the records officer just need to search where the location of the records or document then after that they can know the location of the records in seconds. This kind of work can be classified as an efficient

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