The Role Of The Electronic Health Record

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The healthcare industry is continuously changing and evolving. Technological advancements significantly contribute to these on going changes, allowing for the availability of comprehensive medical information to make health care more efficient and safer. The overall improvement of the quality of professional care given to the patient is the catalyst of EHR.
The purpose of this discussion board is to describe the Electronic Health Record (EHR), the six steps of EHR and how my facility implements them, to describe “meaningful use” and how my facilities status is obtaining it, and to further discuss the EHR’s and patient confidentiality.
Description of the Electronic Health Record (EHR)
EHR mandate was created to improve the overall health
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There are two goals of the mandate, Patient-Focused Health and Population Health. Four methods working in conjunction to attain these two goals are as follows, Privacy and Security; which is applied by orchestrating the electronic exchange while protecting patient personal information. Collaborative Governance; establishes a collaborative effort between federal agencies and stakeholders to accomplish more than an individual sector would accomplish. Adoption; promotes implementation of EHR tools and adoption of technologies in order to receive personalized health care. And Interoperability; enables the movement and exchange of the electronic health information in support of the patients’ care and uses (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS], …show more content…
Step one, Assess Your Practice Readiness; the practice evaluates the state they are currently in and determines where they can improve and if they are ready to upgrade their system. Step two, Plan Your Approach; begins building the planning process of evaluating their options for a EHR system and performing a start/stop/sustain exercise to help the team with identifying, clarifying, and prioritizing tasks for what the new work environment would be like. Step three, Select or Upgrade to a Certified EHR; determines pricing, security capabilities, integrating of other products, and if the appropriate EHR system will support their practice and key goals. Step four, Conduct Training and Implement and EHR System; involves the launching of the EHR system along with training courses of that system. Step five, Achieve Meaningful Use; uses incentive programs the help EHR achieving their technology goals through two stages of core and menu objectives to acquire electronic data and distribution of information. Step six, Continue Quality Improvement; the final phase of implementing EHR reevaluates what was learned through the course of the training along with the everyday use of the EHR system providing continuous evaluation and improving where needed (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS],

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