Argumentative Essay On Electronic Medical Records

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Have they ever considered what happens to their paper medical records if they are missing or lost? As of 2014, the federal government has required that all health care providers implement electronic medical records within their systems. Electronic health records provide a better way to treat patients; they are more accurate, easier to read and to be understood, as well as having the ability to share patient information with the healthcare community. Although some doctors believe that paper documents are less expensive than that of electronic documents, they are a better choice because they provide a better healthcare system. Electronic medical records are used to create a more efficient healthcare system, and therefore should be used universally. The first reason that electronic health records should be used …show more content…
Personnel may not be equipped with the knowledge or skill set in knowing or understanding how technology works to operate an electronic health records system. In Chang-tseh Hsieh 's "Electronic Medical Record System: Current Status and Its Use To Support Universal Healthcare System," he argues that "The well-known fact that the medical industry lags in technology is enough evidence to know what the medical community does not and will not, for a very long time, at least, be willing to solely rely on technology. “(2010) In other words, he is saying that they lack the knowledge and trustworthiness of today 's technology (Hsieh, 2010). It is understandable why critics would argue this because technology is so diverse and many people have yet to accomplish the understanding and function of technology. Therefore, it may make it harder or impossible for people to understand how to operate a technological based electronic health record system. Though it is a valid point, technology can be taught, learned and

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