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  • Auvriana Novelllo: A Short Story

    Auvriana Novelllo was setting up the desks in her little one room schoolhouse in the country with a brand new notebook and a newly sharpened pencil it wasn 't often that there were one room schoolhouses anymore, but she just now moved away from her parents and their rules to a rural town in Maine that didn 't have a school. Well at least not until now. She thought about how well she would do without her parents being around her all the time. She was her own person, she was 20 after all. As she finished up the last few touches on her classroom she looked around and began to dream about the many things she would do here. She sat down at her very own teachers desk and closed her eyes, she was finally on her own, her schoolhouse was finished, lessons were planned and now all she had to do was wait and dream. A…

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  • The Little White Schoolhouse Summary

    Dr. Ellis Ford Hartford (1905-present) is a 1947 graduate of the University of Kentucky, former Dean of the University school, and Dean of the community college system. Hartford began his education at Kentucky Wesleyan but after an injury pertaining to sports he decided to drop school and begin working at an oil refinery near Hammond and Gary, Indiana. Not long after he’d begun, he decided to instead move back to Kentucky where he received his teaching certificate at the Bowling Green State…

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  • One Room Schoolhouse Research Paper

    The one-room schoolhouse is a phenomenon impacting today’s modern school system. Historic schooling required the teacher to be in complete control over their student’s educational experiences. Curriculum design, instructional implantation, and classroom management were the sole responsibility of the classroom teacher. Opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, retain essential feedback from other individuals in the field of education was minimal. Unfortunately, this type of educational…

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  • Why Is It Important For Students To Have Cell Phones In School

    CSCSU has a strict no cell phone policy while in the schoolhouse. Any student that enters the classroom with his or her cell phone simply shows lack of interest in learning, lack of self restraint and the inability to follow simple orders. When I was in high school, I often noticed students texting or playing games with their phones whenever our teacher was turned around writing on the board or absent from the room. By the end of the semester, most of those students wouldn 't be…

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  • Bruce Davidson Boy In The School House

    In Bruce Davidsons’ “boy in the schoolhouse” the photograph of the young African American boy writing on the chalkboard, he calls attention to two opposing viewpoints on life as an African American during the mid-1900’s: 1.) viewing the boy as normal, being in class expected hours, and treated equally or 2.) viewing the boy differently, spending extra time after class, and treated unequally. The young boy is portrayed standing with good posture fixated on the chalkboard in the dark, unlit…

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  • Nostalgia In Berlin Childhood

    suppress the bad memories, thinking that they don’t exist and that they never happened. Good memories are what people love to think about, and reflect on. This is where the feeling of nostalgia comes in. Nostalgia is that sweet, sentimental longing for the past, for a beautiful moment that one has experienced. Everyone experiences nostalgia, it is difficult not to. Everyone longs for something in their past that they wish they could re live, even for a split second. In Benjamin 's novel, Berlin…

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  • Horace Mann Standardize Elementary Schools

    A. The First school required to built was in the City of New Hampshire: This was one of the first impactful moments in U.S. history in relation to education. That this city was made it mandatory to have a schoolhouse infers that they will provide the opportunity for education to our citizens. This action helped make the push to have elementary education mandatory throughout the U.S. and even in today society there is a set standard that each school district must meet and this couldn’t have…

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  • Summary Of Mawi's Of Beetles And Angles

    Living the life I live today, I could not imagine having to live off of goat milk, eggs, UN rations, or whatever I could grow along with getting brutal beatings in and outside of school. In Of Beetles and Angles by Mawi Asgedom, it tells the story of Mawi and the difficulties, hardships, and experiences that he faces in the refugee camp in Umsagata, Sudan in the early 1980's. In differeation to my life, Mawi had to experience a lot of difficulty in the camp; there were brutal beatings in and out…

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  • Bad Puppies Short Story

    “Miss Myrt was not one of us,” Preacher Parr recalled. “She served here only twenty-two years, a foreigner in our midst… She was an old maid and a teacher, so you couldn’t call her a full member of our community. But we done the best by her we could.” “Oh yes, we built the Hominy Ridge School, a modern weatherboarded structure for her comfort and convenience, all with volunteer labor we gladly give… “How many in this particular House of the Lord recollect the old schoolhouse that Hominy Ridge…

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  • Che Guevara Research Paper

    As the story is recaptured, Guevara was captured with a gun that was useless, a basket of food, and wounded with little ability to walk without support. Guevara before capture dropped his weapon and said, “Do not shoot! I am Che Guevara and I am worth more to you alive than dead!” (Che Guevara Biography). He was taken as a prisoner and held captive. During captivity, he was locked up in a schoolhouse in a local village. Guevara refused constantly to be interrogated and would not answer any…

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