No Cell Phone Policy Essay

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CSCSU has a strict no cell phone policy while in the schoolhouse.

Any student that enters the classroom with his or her cell phone

simply shows lack of interest in learning, lack of self restraint

and the inability to follow simple orders.

When I was in high school, I often noticed students texting or

playing games with their phones whenever our teacher was turned

around writing on the board or absent from the room. By the end of

the semester, most of those students wouldn 't be able to pass the

final exam and several of them dropped out of school completely.

This high rate of failures among students should be blamed on

certain classroom distractions like the use of cell phones.

In a military schoolhouse it happens as well.
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Paying attention to safety lectures and power points

instead of trying to buy new shoes on the newest smart phone app

shows dedication to your work and your superiors in obeying their


To most students cell phones are easy ways to get in touch with the

authorities during emergencies. But the kind of emergency that will

warrant calling the police or fire department during school hours

does not justify students the need to carry a cell phone. Not only

does every instructor have a phone but there are land lines and

emergency power cut off buttons in every lab. The CO consistently

speaks about safety so I am confident that he has already considered

the fact that in case of an emergency that maybe students having

their phones would be acceptable but he still maintains that it

isn 't necessary for the safety of us so it goes back to obeying

orders and overall procedural compliance and it is a joke to suggest

that students can keep their phones turned off in their bags. Once

they have cell phones, nothing stops them from using their phones in
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By an instructor

and by utilizing a physical book in front of you.

Security is another reason cell phones are prohibited in the

schoolhouse. If my command cannot trust me to obey orders and not

bring my cellphone into a schoolhouse, how will they trust me to not

sneak it into restricted area. DoD Directive 8100.02: Use of

Commercial Wireless Devices, Services and Technologies in the DoD

Global Information Grid. The relevant sections state:

4.2. Cellular/PCS and/or other RF or Infrared (IR) wireless devices

shall not be allowed into an area where classified information is

discussed or processed without written approval from the DAA in

consultation with the Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) Certified

TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA).

While the area of the schoolhouse I was in with my phone is not

restricted, the fact of the matter is I still violated a direct

order from the CO. Had it been a restricted area even if I was not

attempting to commit espionage cell phones can be hacked and could

have led to the leaking of classified information that could

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