Assessment Instrument For School Counselor

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Assessment Instruments
According to the ASCA’s ethical standards, professional school counselors are to be knowledgeable of the “purposes, nature, results, reliability, validity, limitations, and appropriateness of any instrument” counselors utilize, while also being able to communicate all of those things to parents and students (Dollarhide & Saginak, 2017, p. 147). Therefore, when school counselors use various assessments such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, and personal observations, they should be able to use each of them to pull data that is relevant to the needs of students and in line with the overall mission of the school.
Surveys. One of the most cost effective and commonly used assessments are surveys. Surveys can be formal
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One of the most natural ways of gathering data for needs assessments is through personal observations. Again, this can be done through informal or formal observations. Informal observations allows for school counselors to see what needs are evident as they go about their day performing other duties, or intentionally taking time to just sit in a classroom and observe needs intuitively. Formal observations may include tallying the amount of times a behavior is exhibited by a particular group of students in a certain amount of time or any other prescribed protocol where data can be collected within a certain amount of time (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2016). Just as the other assessment instruments mentioned, personal observations are also cost and time …show more content…
These key partners are those who alongside the school counselor are committed to the academic, social/personal, and career development success of all students. School administrators, teachers, parents and other professional staff at the school who engage in the school counselor’s professional development, as well as utilize consultation and collaboration efforts will more likely bring strong support to ensuring the the implementation and effectiveness of the CSCP. It is important for the school counselor to him or herself as a leader and advocate to bring awareness to the needs of students and create “buy-in” from key

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