School Counselor Case Study

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Legal and Ethical Issues for School Counselors: Case Five
The first issue in this case is whether or not it is acceptable to have sex with the spouse of a client. The answer is simply no. It is against the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics to have sex with you client, their spouse, their siblings, or their parents (Kaplan, 2006). It is even unacceptable to have sex with your client’s ex-partner (Kaplan, 2006). A relationship with any of these people represents an abuse of the power in a counseling relationship. This situation specially speaks to section A5 of the ACA Code of ethics. Section A.5.a. states, “Sexual and/or Romantic Relationships Prohibited Sexual and/or romantic counselor– client interactions or relationships
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The school counselor code of Ethics is grayer on this issue than the previous discussed ones. The American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics says that Professional School Counselors “Avoid dual relationships that might impair their objectivity and increase the risk of harm to students (e.g., counseling one’s family members or the children of close friends or associates). If a dual relationship is unavoidable, the school counselor is responsible for taking action to eliminate or reduce the potential for harm to the student through use of safeguards, which might include informed consent, consultation, supervision and documentation” (American School Counselor Association, 2010, section A.4.a). Section A.1.h. of the same Code of Ethics also states that the Professional School Counselor should, “Consider the potential for harm before entering into a relationship with former students or one of their family members” (American School Counselor Association, 2010). In Carolyn Stone’s (2004) article for ASCA about dual relationships and equity of services, she points out the danger of letting special relationships with students and their families. It leaves the counselor open to problems with equity in the counseling services he or she provides to students. If a counselor is having a sexual relationship with a student’s …show more content…
Soon after, they started hooking up at local motels. Before long, they were throwing caution to the wind. "I would go to therapy with her, at Oakwood," Huckeby recalled, "and we would have sex in her office for the entire hour." (Davis & Polcyn, 2014, para. 19-20)”
The affair finally ended when Huckeby’s live-in ex-wife found a seven-page handwritten letter from the therapist. The ex- wife reported the letter to the clinic and Huckeby was again transferred to a new therapist. In another confusing and unexplained twist, Marchese was allowed to keep her job.
By 2013, the two were still sneaking around and were in what Huckeby called, “A serious sexual relationship” (Davis and Polcyn, 2014, para. 27). Huckeby once again went to the clinic’s director for help. Marchese ended up resigning and giving up her counseling license. She was sentenced to six months in jail. At the time of the article, Huckeby was at an in-patient treatment facility for problems he says stemmed from the affair with his therapist. When asked how he feels about it now, he replied, “"I want to kill her and then kill myself," Huckeby continued. "Like a love suicide. Like a Romeo and Juliet."” (Davis & Polcyn, 2014, para.

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