Why Study Law Personal Statement

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My desire to study Law at University came from my fascination and enthusiasm to the current world events around me such as the EU referendum and how that will affect the lifestyle of the UK residents. The main reason I want to study Law is because I always keep up to date with current affairs and I know this is vital to study Law. It will give me the knowledge and awareness of what is going around me. I was intrigued by Law when I watched a television program based around Law and justice called “How to get away with murder”, and by watching this it made me gain a clearer insight to my future career, to what I wanted to do at University. Watching how Lawyers in this show dealt with everyday crisis was very inspiring and motivating. I see studying …show more content…
At these placements I worked alongside many professionals who have taken different pathways to Law such as Lawyers, solicitors, barristers and paralegals. Working alongside these different people was very interesting as it made me realise all the career pathways that are available to me after completing my Law degree. Also I became aware of the many different areas of Law such as immigration, personal injury, commercial, and criminal Law. The most appealing career option to me is criminal Law as it is the one that fascinates me the most. This is because dealing with people who are vulnerable and are not in a good position is my speciality which I have developed through the many work placements I have done. At these Law firms I dealt with making appointments for clients, filling essential paperwork, checking if case files contained the correct legal documents, typed up court notes, photocopied witness statements and shadowed solicitors. I have also had experience at a hospital and a school; this helped me to develop skills in dealing with many people of all ages. I am currently completing an ambassador project about mind management based on the book 'The chimp paradox ' written by psychiatrist Steve Peters. The chimp paradox project helped me understand how the human brain works and why people behave in certain ways. I feel this is an important experience as working in the Law environment, it is important to be able to know how clients will be behaving and how they can be dealt with. I also have done voluntary work at the local library doing a summer reading challenge; this was valuable experience for me to gain because it showed me the importance of reading, as a student wanting to read Law I know this is important because studying Law requires a lot of

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