Clerks Internship Essay

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In the beginning of the semester, I would admit I was nervous to start my internship with the Divisional Clerks office. Before these past few months, I had only set-foot in a courthouse once or twice in my life for past tickets. Ever since I was eight years old, I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up I enjoyed watching the television show; Law and Order Special Victims Unit, with my grandfather every day after school. When we would sit and watch the show together, my grandfather would tell me all the time “You would make a great lawyer Joe.” As I got older and older the idea grew more and more in my head and now it is my main goal in life. This internship with the Divisional Clerks office is my first step in my life path to becoming a very successful lawyer in the near future. On the first day, I was very nervous going into it because I did not know what to expect from people who work there and the jobs I was going to have to do. I was nervous the people were not going to like me because I am just a small intern, who will only be here for a few months, so why would they even care to help me? I was …show more content…
I have had a great experience so far with all the people have met and the things I have done so far. I have met so many new people and finally been able to make a step in the right direction towards the career path I hope to take in the future. This internship will help me gain the knowledge I need for future internships and help me learn new things inside the courthouse that you would not learn in a class being taught at school. I am the first person to say I am not a textbook type of person, I prefer to learn things by going out and experiencing them and being taught in person about it. I cannot wait to see what else I am going to learn in the future from Vinny and all the people who work inside the

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