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  • Coastal Refugees Essay

    2. TERRITORIAL WATERS Article 2(1) of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)48 provides that, “[t]he sovereignty of a coastal State ex-tends, beyond its land territorial and internal waters and, in the case of an archipelagic State, its archipelagic waters, to an adjacent belt of sea, described as the territorial sea”. This maritime zone extends up to 12 nautical miles (Article 3, UNCLOS). The only major exception to this sovereign power of the state is the right of innocent passage, enshrined in Article 17 of the UNCLOS. Coastal States are entitled to regulate migration activities within their territorial sea and this clearly extends to measures intended to prevent the infringement of immigration laws. The coastal state…

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  • Tmpa Case Study

    B. THE CASE OF MV TAMPA The MV Tampa was a Norwegian merchant ship which was prevented by the Australian Government from entering into its territory. The Tampa rescued about 433 people in August 2001; many of them were of Afghan origin. These persons had been trying to reach Australia in a wooden fishing boat but the boat started sinking about 140 kilometers off the coast of Christmas Island. Some of the people aboard the ship required urgent medical attention so the Tampa decided to proceed to…

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  • South China Sea Case Study

    Why South China Sea is victim of disputes? The South China Sea is intentionally sited. It is sited in a way that it overlaps the main lanes of the sea between Asia, Middle East and the Europe. It becomes the main international way for sea trade and transportation, where most of the world’s largest traffic passes. As a global concern, the geopolitical and economic importance of the South China Sea lessens the secure navigation of tanks in water. The region plays a strategic maritime and military…

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  • Cariage Of Dangerous Goods By Sea Case Study

    cargo, jurisdictional issues and many other such issues. No country can boast of to be self-sufficient, since all the countries are inter-dependant on each other for commodities like food grains, petroleum, iron & steel, coal, cement, medicine and drugs etc. And they can fulfill their needs only via trade. Before the invention of aircrafts, the only mode of transport and carriage available was either by road or by ship. All over the world, ships are a preferred means for trading, since they can…

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  • Essay On Deep Sea Mining

    Deep sea mining is a fairly new issue within the scientific community only being utilized in mineral collecting for the past two decades (Theil). Although this action is fairly new, it still can have devastating effects on ecosystems, especially the seafloor. “Because of the high demand for minerals and metals for making technological items, this new way of mining has gathered a lot of attention in the last five years. Three forms of deep-sea mineral resources have been considered thus far for…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Illegal Fishing Should Be Banned?

    There are several reasons why people engage in the act of illegal fishing asides from the obvious high profit that would be gained and they are: • Too many fishermen chasing too few fish: Currently the fishing industry has too much capital invested in vessels that it must operate to realize a return. There are too many boats at sea trying to make catch on a daily basis and this is causing the aquatic animals to reproduce poorly and vessels are not waiting for them to reproduce rather they catch…

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  • Essay On Hawkbills

    Hawksbills, a beautiful species of sea turtles, are critically endangered. The Hawksbill is critically endangered almost entirely because of negative human impacts. Their species are worth protecting. They are hunted and killed for their shells and eggs, even with their international protective laws. There needs to be more effort into the protection of Hawksbills, who species are slowly dying out. Hawksbills sea turtles are critically endangered, due to negative human impacts. The Hawksbills…

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  • Law Case Study: Prize And The Booty

    guilders. This created discussion about the legitimacy of the attack on the Portuguese merchant ship. In order to justify Jacob van Heemskercks actions, Grotius’ literary works have to be taken into consideration as he addressed different laws regarding trade, the sea and property. His four rules and eight laws have to be analyzed in order to advocate the attack. Grotius first rule is “What God has shown to be His Will, that is law.“ The will of god is not only conceived from the church and…

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  • Why The United States Should Import Shrimp

    UNITED STATES – IMPORT PROHIBITION OF CERTAIN SHRIMP AND SHRIMP PRODUCT. This case is brought by four countries which are Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Thailand against the largest world economy center which is United States of America (US). This case is all about the importation of a certain shrimp and shrimp product from Western Hemisphere (Carribean) who got an advantage to import the shrimp to United States. The panel stated in concluding this cases that the members of WTO can adopt…

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