Bomb disposal

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  • Law Enforcement Agencies

    The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team, Special Weapons And Tactics team and K-9 are units inside a police department that are specialized to solve a specific scenario. Each unit has extra training apart from the everyday training to keep them in good physical condition. These units also carry extra gear with the equipment needed to carry out their assignments. Dogs were first recorded to help with police work was in the 14th century when they were used to guard dock installations in St. Malo, France. Although it wasn’t until 1888 when the first “modern police dog,” came to be in London Metropolitan…

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  • Bomb Disposal History

    Bomb disposal is the process in which explosive devices are rendered safe and are properly disposed of. Bomb disposal teams, more commonly referred to as Bomb Squads have the job to identify, defuse and dispose of an explosive device. Bomb squads can be found in each branch of military as well as in our local and state police. Bomb disposal teams in the navy and airforce tend to work on the disposal of explosive chemicals more than they do explosive devices. The Army and Marines are trained more…

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  • Disposal Technicians: Organizational Analysis

    Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians (NEOD), the organization that I am currently a part of and have some influence over, are a small group (1500 personnel) trained in the art of bomb disposal. As a scalable force, we specialize in complex and dangerous tasks ranging from IED to chemical and biological weapon remediation. NEOD personnel can enter a crisis surreptitiously from the air, under the sea and across the land. NEOD has historically been the “force of choice” across virtually…

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  • There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis

    the sterility of the world without people and to expose the fact that earth will be around for a long time after the bombs, and nature will be over ruled. Bradbury, a fictional writer, uses a futuristic idea to make the people…

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  • Gale Hawthorne Character Analysis Essay

    who wants revenge on the Capitol and leave no prisoners behind, due to the traumas he faced. Gales hatred for the capitol came after they bombed district 12, but he managed to saved 800 people. Getting revenge for something doesn’t mean necessarily killing them all or trying to bomb the capitol, but that’s the mindset that Gale has. He is also the type of person to make decisions that result in a so-so outcome. Gale has always done things his way that he thought would result in the best possible…

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  • Essay On Boston Marathon Bombing

    ‘’On April 15, 2013, two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and wounding more than 260 other people. Four days later, after an intense manhunt that shut down the Boston area, police captured one of the bombing suspects, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose older brother and fellow suspect, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, died following a shootout with law enforcement earlier that same day” (“Boston Marathon Bombings”).This capture and shootout…

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  • Saturday's Bombing In The New York Times

    On one hand, they’re fallible, distant from the cold, calculating terrorist masterminds we can imagine them to me. On the other hand, our inability to understand these attacks in a wider narrative can contribute to a state of tension, even worse than that of more easily explained terrorism. This is something that ISIS-inspired attacks have utilised, targeting symbols of daily normality (a club, a public event). Even these carried their own messages inherent in the violence and recognisable to…

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  • Marcel Mettelsiefen's Film, Children Of Syria

    At one point during the interviews producers ask 7-year-old Farah what was one of her favorite things to do and she explained that her favorite thing to do was to help her father make bombs. She was even able to identify the difference between rockets and tank shells by the sound that they make. Producers also used a lot of b-roll footage of them following the family members around in the city and in their neighborhood. Using those visual elements was a very effective way to illustrate to the…

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  • Eric Harris Research Paper

    statements about his making of pipe bombs. The parents of Brooks Brown, Judy and Randy, notified the police of the website. Eric unintentionally gave law enforcement a written confession of his intent to kill, two years before the massacre (165). The actions of the police during this period seemed less urgent than it should have been. After discovering the website, Deputy Mark Burgess was faced with overwhelming evidence against Eric Harris. He printed out pages from Eric’s website, made a…

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  • Dog Rover Narrative

    I gave my speech to my fellow classmates and wished them the best of luck along their journey of life. Soon afterwards I walked up to Mrs. Russell and hugged her for helping me through everything it meant a lot to me. We went to dinner and home afterwards, I managed to finish packing for college. I will be attending Ashford University to attain my Bachelor’s Degree in law enforcement and specialized bomb technician. I began to play with Rover one last time before I leave tomorrow sadly I can’t…

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