Gale Hawthorne Character Analysis Essay

Gale Hawthorne is an ethical type of a person. He is the type of guy who has transformed from a person who had feelings for other human beings, to a person who wants revenge on the Capitol and leave no prisoners behind, due to the traumas he faced. Gales hatred for the capitol came after they bombed district 12, but he managed to saved 800 people. Getting revenge for something doesn’t mean necessarily killing them all or trying to bomb the capitol, but that’s the mindset that Gale has. He is also the type of person to make decisions that result in a so-so outcome. Gale has always done things his way that he thought would result in the best possible outcome.
Starting off in The Hunger Games, Gale had a love for Katniss that transcended into
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He is realizing that his and Katniss’s “relationship”, is starting to get really complicated, because of her and Peeta’s “romance’. Gale is starting to understand what Katniss is really about and how she and Peeta need to appear as the most perfect couple, due to them both winning the previous Hunger Games together. Things get much more hectic due to Peeta proposing to Katniss, and showing the city of Panem that Peeta and Katniss are truly in love, and even saying that she is pregnant. Peeta says, “maybe I’d think that too if it weren’t for the baby” (CF, pg. 256). After the victors break out the arena, the capitol bombs district twelve, but Gale, still having a good heart, manages to rescue Katniss’s mom and sister. Gale says to Katniss, “She’s alive. So is your mother. I got them out in time” (CF, pg. 399). His hatred for the capitol exploded more after this traumatic devastation. But he manages to still dedicate his energy to the people he saved by providing food and shelter for them all until district 13 manages to rescue them all. Gale even waits at Katniss’s bedside, waiting for her to regain …show more content…
Gale has basically become a leader, and he’s the one who led the team who pulled down the fence and saved those people; he solely risked his life for them (MJ, pg.7). Gale is starting to devise ways to destroy the Capitol and he is finally going to get his ‘revenge’. Something he says to Katniss is very clear of how he feels about the lives of Capitol’s workers, he says, “If I could hit a button and kill every living soul working for the Capitol, I would do it. Without Hesitation” (MJ, pg. 31). He is really starting to show how much hates the Capitol. We can even see how Gale has started making traps together with Beetee, together they are making “weapons against the humans. Bombs mostly” (MJ, pg.185). These traps essentially lure the victims into a “safe haven”, where death is lurking around the corner, with no escape in sight (MJ, pg.186). In the end, the final assault on the Capitol, to find Snow, it ultimately ends with the bombing of innocent children by ways of remote drones. The bomb even detonates, killing Katniss’s little sister Prim (MJ, pg.347, 350). Gale did what he thought would be the best plan of action, he didn’t even know that his bombs would be used in that evil way. He always gave his all for the people he loved, but sometimes, there is no execution without a

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