Similarities And Differences Between The Hunger Games Book And Movie

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In the Hunger Games, the most important similarities the movie shared with the book was making Peeta initiate the idea of him and Katniss being lovers. This is so significant because, without this, most of the main events in the book and movie would never have taken place. For one, this angle would have left Katniss to be just another face in the crowd, not making her stand out, which also meant fewer sponsors, decreasing her chances of survival. However, the most important reason for this is because Katniss would have left Peeta to die when he needed her the most and she would not have been able to plant the small seeds of defiance against the capital. In the movie and novel, the games take a surprising turn when an announcement goes out that …show more content…
They had similar scenes and concepts, however, they did have some minor differences. The most significant of these differences was that the movie showed many scenes from other points of views that were told in the third person while in the novel, it was all from Katniss's point of view and only showed what Katniss experienced. For example, in the movie, there were several scenes of President Snow, the leader of the Panem and Seneca, the Gamemaster. These scenes depicted them talking about Katniss and her actions and allowed you to understand what happened to make the hunger games possible and the darker truth of the dystopian city. In one scene, Seneca and President snow were discussing why they had a winner in the Hunger Games even though those games were a reminder of what happens when rebel against the Capitol. In the scene, President Snow explains to Seneca that “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous.” This quote lets the viewers gain a more in-depth view of the workings in Panem and a deeper delve into the thinking of the leaders there which is valuable to understand the story better. However, although the movie lets you see the other sides of the story, a consequence of this is that the viewers are not able to understand the deeper thinkings of Katniss, as it was not told in her point of view. One example of this is when Katniss and Peeta were named the victors of the hunger games and they were in one final interview, Katniss was acting in love with Peeta and it would seem just like that, like they were in love, however, in the book, Katniss explains how each move she made in that interview was calculated to maintain Katniss and her loved one's safety “everyone I care about back home could be punished if I can't pull off the girl-driven-crazy-by-love scenario Haymitch has suggested .... I sit so close to Peeta that I’m practically on his lap,

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