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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Environmental Law In Canada

    Q4.1: (a) Does Boyd consider Canada to be a leader in environmental protection, or a laggard? (b) Why does he suggest that this should be surprising? (c) State briefly in your own words two weaknesses of environmental law in Canada. (d) What might an ultimate cause of these weaknesses? Answer: (a) Boyd does consider Canada to be a laggard in environmental protection with all the potential to be a leader. Canada’s environmental record is compared to 28 other industrialized nations, with performance tracked for over two decades. Using 5 indicators in 10 broad categories, overall Canada is amongst the 3 worst countries with one of the dirties economies in the industrialized world. (b) He suggests that Canada being ‘laggard’ is rather surprising…

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  • Gun Control Laws In Canada

    Across North America, the use of guns and firearms were very controversial and still are till this day. Many Canadian politicians and citizens have looked down on the United States their gun control laws. On December 6th, 1989, an eye-opening tragedy for occurred. Twenty-five year old Marc Lepine walked into the University of Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique, murdered 13 female engineering students, a woman staff member and killed himself. The massacre left the victims’ family in devastation and…

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  • Stricter Gun Control Laws In Canada

    Relatively speaking, Canada is a country that has managed to keep gun violence to a minimum rate compared to other countries. However, the acts of one man on a murderous rampage sparked an outrage that lead to the development of the Long Gun Registry with the hope that it would diminish the availability of weaponry to criminally minded individuals. The Long Gun Registry was not successful in targeting criminals, as it actually only targeted law abiding citizens and homicide rates actually…

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  • Mosaic Vs Melting Pot

    Over the past century, the ‘mosaic’ and the ‘melting pot’ have emerged in North America as concepts to explain Canada and the United States’ relationship with immigration and cultural pluralism. Canada is often referred to as a mosaic due to its rich multiculturalism, while the US is considered a "Melting Pot". Like a mosaic, Canada celebrates and honors various cultural groups while the US wants citizens to "melt" and assimilate into one culture -- the American culture. In Canada,…

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  • French Canadian Language Analysis

    all French Canadian’s first language is French but the official language of Canada is English. It means French Canadian need to speak English too. However, They have respect for their own language so they want to independent from Canada. In that time, How their mind was change with history. Quebecois were worry about being minorities in their own territories. Mainly after 1960s, they have held discriminatory feelings of fear and confidence because everyone can speak English but they cannot.…

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  • Multiculturalism And Racism In Canada

    cultures to thrive in a society. Multiculturalism in Canada is the recognition that Canadians share equal rights and responsibilities. Canada is a place where people with diverse cultural backgrounds is entitled to practice their faith and traditions freely and take pride in their heritage. Some define Canada as a "cultural mosaic" which means a blend of multiple cultures in one society, organization or nation. . But, there are constant barriers that stops Canada from becoming a multicultural…

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  • The Impact Of The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

    For many centuries, laws and rights have been society’s foundation for nations all around the world. Laws are rules that people are made to follow by the government; a right is something a person has that should not be taken away from them. Both play an important role in determining the order of society in a nation and over time, each country developed their own constitution. As early as the Magna Carta and as recent as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, countries began…

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  • Pierre Trudeau Was The Prime Minister Of Canada

    Québec, and was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. Before Trudeau became a politician he worked as an assistant professor until he was elected as a new Liberal to the House of Commons (Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 22 Nov 2014). Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada from 20th of April 1968 to 4th of June 1979, and again from March 3 1980 to June 29 1984. Even after his death in 28th of September 2000 he is still known as one of the greatest politicians of Canada because of all the historical…

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  • Canadian Charter Preamble

    The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom states, “Canada is grounded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God” (Russell 1999). According to Russell (1999), this can also be considered the “God-clause.” The three articles discuss this notion of stating “the supremacy of God” in the preamble of the Canadian Charter. Although the articles have different views about the preamble, I highly agree with Russell’s (1999) article titled, “The Supremacy of God does not belong…

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  • Immigration Policy In Canada Essay

    The country of Canada is not prone to terrorist attacks therefore the security there is not as present like it is in the United States. The government does not protect the borders effectively enough to prevent terrorist organizations from getting into the country therefore groups realize it will be easy for them to enter. The lack of political power means the terrorist organizations know they can operate and plan out attacks without being disturbed or getting caught. Also, there is an ongoing…

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