Law enforcement occupations

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  • The Importance Of A Career Occupation In Law Enforcement

    The career occupation I chose is Law Enforcement. This is why I chose Criminal Justice as my major, so that it could help and with the information to be in Law Enforcement. Since I done many assessment in class, I got to see my personality and I also got to find out my skills. In this paper I’m going to explain why this occupation, and why it’s a fit for me by my personality, values, interests, strengths, and skills. On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, my personality profile was Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, also known as ESTJ. Extraversion is a person who enjoys working outside and interact with others and to take action. Sensing is a person who uses their five senses to focus on information.…

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  • Police Officer Pros And Cons

    A police officer is an official of the law whose highest duty is to protect and serve the citizens of the United States of America. There are many different areas of work within the Criminal Justice field, but one of the most challenging, and essential jobs, are those performed by police officers. According to, a police officer, or law enforcement officer, has duties that include but are not limited to: patrolling, emergency response, making arrests, issuing citations,…

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  • Internal Affairs In Prisons

    corrections officers, regardless of what is thought about another officer. To work as a unit effectively that trivial information should be ignored when there is a job to accomplish. Depending on how big the facility is, there could only be 4 shifts of people, with a minimum of five officers per shift. At any given time during the day, there could only be five officers, that need to work together to get the job accomplished, and sometimes even less officers then that. Internal affairs helps…

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  • Correctional Officer And Probation Officer

    serious criminal history along with no financial delinquency. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or at least three years of experience in supervision or management, security, counseling, religious instruction or emergency response . Before an applicant applies for this position they must be aware that they will be completing 200 hours of training. 80 hours of it will be at an assigned orientation location. Hopefuls will be trained in physical abilities, correctional rules and…

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  • Pursuing A Career As A Police Officer

    you to be financially responsible. You also need to be able to pass medical tests, vision and hearing test, as well as physical test. And by physical test they mean, pushing yourself in all ways (including training) until you can 't push anymore. Training includes: learning of defensive tactics, driving, laws and regulations, and firearms. Usually, this training lasts anywhere from twelve to eighteen months. Before becoming a police officer you 'll start out as a probationary officer. Being one,…

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  • Fitness And Wellness

    The Clarksville Police Department have decided to make some changes to the testing protocols, scoring, and exercises that comprise our fitness assessment. They have chosen to start using Cooper Law Enforcement Fitness Norms instead of age and gender norms of the civilian population because of liability concerns (Patterson, 2016). These standards have been assigned point values consistent with the percentile scores in each exercise (ex. 5 points is equal to the 50th percentile, 6 points are equal…

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  • Article 9 Gifts And Favors Analysis

    The CPA has taken a thorough and unique approach to these canons by infusing the Biblical code of ethics via the Ten Commandments and The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. The CPA’s code of ethics is primarily based on a deontological theory of ethics; it evaluates through most of the canons what an officer’s duty is to him or herself, the profession, and the public. Canons six, seven, nine, and eleven invoke a utilitarian perspective to these ethical codes. The primary difference between these…

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  • The Importance Of The Charter Of Rights And Power On Police Power

    2.) There is a lot of tension in society towards police and the power they have. Citizens also have rights, and these rights need to be balanced with police authority to ensure order and catch criminals. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a major influence on police power. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms impacts police powers by allowing the accused to challenge the actions of the police if their rights have been violated. It makes sure that there are some limits to what the police…

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  • Mike Zellner Character Analysis

    People often believe police are terrible people, that they give out false accusations. That may be the case with some cops, but most police are there to help you. Mike Zellner, a retired policeman was one of those men who wanted to help people. He wanted to do everything he could to make people feel comfortable. Everyone loves people who help out and always have a smile on their face; Mike is one of those people and has done many heroic acts. He takes risks to help others, has heroic traits, and…

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  • Police Patrol

    they got out of their patrol unit and played basketball on the street with some kids who had been playing after school. What these proactive officers were doing was building relationships with the community that they serve which is a key component of effective community policing. As long as police officers are in the community and have this type of proactive attitudes, hopefully they will see the positives in the situation and start this type of interaction with the public. It’s hard for this…

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