The Importance Of A Career Occupation In Law Enforcement

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The career occupation I chose is Law Enforcement. This is why I chose Criminal Justice as my major, so that it could help and with the information to be in Law Enforcement. Since I done many assessment in class, I got to see my personality and I also got to find out my skills. In this paper I’m going to explain why this occupation, and why it’s a fit for me by my personality, values, interests, strengths, and skills.

On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, my personality profile was Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, also known as ESTJ. Extraversion is a person who enjoys working outside and interact with others and to take action. Sensing is a person who uses their five senses to focus on information.
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The Realistic is people who are interested in working outdoors and provide security, and their value are tradition and common sense. The second theme is Social, the interest of community service and caring for people, and their values are cooperation and service to others. The last code Conventional, was for people that are organize and setting up procedures and systems, and their values are accuracy and stability. My five interest areas are Protective Services, Politics and Public Speaking, Social Services, Law, and Healthcare Services but the one that is included to my career option is Protective Services, and Law. The way I would satisfy my interests is probably doing politics or doing social sciences to help me comfortable with my interests the reason why is because I enjoy helping others and could do social science to be a social worker. I learned from interests that I’m very a realistic person. Realistic people Interests are working outdoors and one of their work activities are providing security which states in, that “patrol specific area on foot, horseback, or vehicles, responding promptly to calls for assistance” which basically means cops mostly work outdoors. Some other occupations I might consider is probably politics so I could be a governor of a state, state assembly, congressman, or a mayor of a …show more content…
The Includer theme are people who show awareness to people who feel left out and make an effort to include them to the group, and the other theme is Communication, these people who are good at having conversations and good at presenting, and generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. Furthermore, the theme Correctedness is for people who believe that things happen for a reason and have faith in the links between all things, and then the Relator theme is people who achieve a goal by working hard with friends and enjoy close relationships with others. The last theme is Discipline which is people who enjoy the routine and structure and their world is best described by the order they create. These talents are really true about me and by putting more development into these talents could improve the way I work. The way you could help your talents select a career option for you is by knowing your talents. Since one of my talent is communication it means that I’m really good at having a conversation with people, which is really what a cop needs. The other talent is Discipline which means I love doing routine and having structure and with cops you mostly have a routine to do every day. The way I could become very good at my talents is practice each talent and get really use to

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