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  • Essay On Federal Probation Officers

    Federal probation officers help offenders reenter society by directing them towards helpful resources and supervising them in the community. They pursue education in areas such as psychology and criminal justice and find it rewarding to keeping the public safe while helping offenders reform. The officers use scientific methods, experience and training to predict risks and to identify ways to reduce recidivism. The need for these professionals is increasing as American legislators look for more efficient crime management methods. A Snapshot of Federal Probation Work Federal probation officers work for the Federal Probation Service and manage offenders convicted by the US District Courts. [1] Sometimes, the courts call on the officers to testify…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer

    I want to be in law enforcement because I have seen how crime can have a negative impact on communities. Growing up in a St. Petersburg, Florida, I have seen how drug dealers and crime harmed communities, and affected families. I believe that receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will equip me with the tools that I need to be a successful law enforcement officer. Although, there are many negatives that surround the current state of law enforcement, I am optimistic…

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  • Probation Officer Experience

    for my 2016 Internship, I had the opportunity to work with the Santa Clara County Probation Department. This opportunity was a pleasant surprise, because my career goal is to be a Probation Officer someday. Therefore, when I got the news of my acceptance, I was beyond excited. Upon the first day of training, I received the news that I was being placed in the Adult Probation Department. Furthermore, that I was being positioned under the Domestic Violence Unit. Gaining this internship has given me…

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  • Correctional Officer And Probation Officer

    The application process of working as a Police Officer, Correctional Officer and Probation Officer are different due to the fact that each plays an important role in the criminal justice branch. I will be discussing each of the positions and the hiring process of Los Angeles, and Riverside in California. The hiring process for a Police Officer in City Los Angeles as listed on the LAPD website is as follows: The youngest age, you can be to receive an interview is 20 1/2 years old. The applicant…

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  • Role Of Juvenile Probation Officer

    Juvenile probation officers have three major roles, which are casework management, treatment and surveillance. These roles can cause conflict between the juvenile and the probationer officer depending on the situation. The author states “probation officers experience role conflict in attempting to fulfill both functions at the same time” (Latessa & Allen, 2003; Lawerence, 1984; pg.413). For example, when the probation officer has to act as a social worker and law enforcement next, may have the…

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  • Essay On Probation Officer

    A probation officer works with individuals who are serving probation instead of jail time. They must keep in contact with the offenders and their family members at all time to make sure that they meet all the terms of their probation; sometimes, they drug testing those under their supervision. Probation officer’s job is to fulfill many roles for the individuals; they offer treatment options, help individual find jobs and keep track of their progress. They are basically a supervisor and a mentor…

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  • A Career As A Probation Officer

    Introduction Probations has always been a career that has interested me, and today is the career that I am in the pursuit of. The whole essence of the career is based on the desire to help others, even if those that need help are unwilling to receive it. Probation and parole is an incredibly important aspect of the criminal justice system, as it is meant to be a form of rehabilitation provided for offenders who have either been released from incarceration, or who are at risk of becoming…

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  • Probation Officer Profession

    Professional Section: Job or Occupation in Five Years I am currently an Adult Probation Officer for Marion County Superior Court. My position as an Adult Probation Officer is rewarding when clients complete Probation successfully, or knowing I have made a difference in their lives. Working on the county level has given me a broad perspective of my client’s communities. In five years I would like to become a Federal Probation Officer. The most important milestone that is needed to ensure…

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  • Skill Development Among Student Affairs Professionals Analysis

    research conducted amongst student affairs professionals in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Region III. Roberts’ research was conducted to show the variety of skills possessed by student affairs professionals on different levels such as new professionals, mid-managers, and senior officers. New professionals are individuals who have worked in student affairs for five years or less (Roberts, 2005). Mid-managers usually report directly to a senior student…

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  • A Profession: A Career As A Probation Officer

    Probation Officer My profession is a Probation Officer. A Probation Officer is a person appointed to supervise offenders who are on probation. A Probation Officer is a fun and exciting job that consist of a lot of benefits, required skills, and a good salary depending on your experience. This paper will introduce you to the requirements of this high profile job, as well as the positives and negatives to being a Probation Officer. As a Probation there is a range of a well paying job that…

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