Correctional Officer And Probation Officer

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The application process of working as a Police Officer, Correctional Officer and Probation Officer are different due to the fact that each plays an important role in the criminal justice branch. I will be discussing each of the positions and the hiring process of Los Angeles, and Riverside in California. The hiring process for a Police Officer in City Los Angeles as listed on the LAPD website is as follows: The youngest age, you can be to receive an interview is 20 1/2 years old. The applicant needs to have a high school diploma or a G.E.D, they must also have a two or four year college degree. The candidate needs to be a United States citizen. If the candidate is not a citizen, they must apply for citizenship in this country. Throughout …show more content…
The probation officer must also go through a background, a psychological screening and a medical exam, this will help verify that the right person is hired for the job. States require potential officers to complete training programs, certification tests or both before they may begin work. Training programs may include coursework or hands-on demonstrations and cover topics such as state regulations and self-defense techniques. After completing training, potential probation officers generally work as trainees under experienced officers for a year. Probation officers may be required to complete continuing education to remain certified. Once the candidate has passed the tests, then they will participate in a group orientation and interview process. In this process, you must bring your original birth certificate, driver’s license, the original social security card, and the official sealed college transcripts. Deputy Probation Officer must have a Bachelor’s Degree. In the probation process, you are required to write a personal history statement, a pre- investigative questionnaire, and a 5 to 7 page autobiography of your life, stating three high points in your life and three low points on your life. Candidates must also pass the fitness test. You must also submit fingerprints in a data banks. The investigation of background included family members, references, residences, job experience, financial, arrests, and driving record. Polygraph is the next exam that the candidate must pass. Various questions are asked in regards to personal information, employment, driving, and drug/alcohol uses, behavior history, and financial. The individuals must also do a psychological test once the applicants are sworn in to see if they are fit to the job. (Riverside

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