Probation Officer Profession

Professional Section: Job or Occupation in Five Years

I am currently an Adult Probation Officer for Marion County Superior Court. My position as an Adult Probation Officer is rewarding when clients complete Probation successfully, or knowing I have made a difference in their lives. Working on the county level has given me a broad perspective of my client’s communities. In five years I would like to become a Federal Probation Officer. The most important milestone that is needed to ensure my position as a Federal Probation Officer would be to obtain my Master’s Degree in Management. When I receive my degree next year, I would also have three years of county level Probation experience. To obtain this position, I would need to have in
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I currently work three jobs and go to school, and this limits my time spent with my family. I have two nieces and two nephews who mean the world to me. When they ask to spend time with me, it hurts me to say: “Not today guys, because I am tired and have to get some rest”. I really want to be a part of their lives as well as be a positive influence to them. I also plan to build a relationship with my alleged biological father. The most important milestone to accomplish this, is to get a DNA test. I have ran from this for so long and now I feel it is time for me to overcome the fear of the …show more content…
Communication with God is very important and plays a big role in my increase of faith. I plan to keep a daily prayer journal, to keep track of who and what I pray for. I plan to talk to God through prayer more than just blessing my food or when I’m in need. I currently go days without praying to God. I plan to wake up every morning and pray. I plan to pray more prayers of confession of my sins so that God would hear my prayers. I also plan on being patient in waiting on God to answer my prayers. I also plan on attending prayer meetings at church on Wednesday, to help increase my public prayer life.
Spiritual Section: Goal 3
Over the next five years, I would like to have read the entire Bible. I plan to read more of my Bible and develop a love for God’s word. Over the past three years I have failed at reading my bible daily and allowing God to speak to me through His word. I plan to attend Sunday School and Bible Class weekly so that I may learn more on how to interpret what I am reading. I plan to set aside time daily to read and study my Bible. I plan on sharing what I have read in my Bible with other people.
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