Law enforcement officer

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  • The Law Enforcement Officer

    Introduction The Law enforcement officer includes the various police and various personnel who are mandated to keep law and order in the society. These team frequently interacts with the public in their daily operations. Just like other civil servants, personal characteristics defines the performance of the operations of these officers including power vested upon them coupled with ego. This is as discussed below into details. The judicial system has no right to detain a person without trying them .The officers will detain an innocent person with a claim of restraining them for officers’ safety or for the safety of the public. They are the only people who can detain a person without trail. Under these circumstances, the judicial system will…

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  • Becoming A Law Enforcement Officer

    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way (Unknown). Becoming a cop has been a dream since I was young. My qualities are well fit for the job I believe I will be successful as a law enforcement officer. This paper will explore the job description, requirements, as well as salary expectation for becoming an officer. To begin, the description of becoming a cop includes many components. To begin, with the general duties include several aspects. The Occupational handbook…

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  • Essay On Law Enforcement Officer

    In this paper I am going to talk about the attributes a law enforcement officer needs to do in a crisis incident. How it will make them successful in that incident and how they can make the scene calm. I’m also going to talk about the concerns a law enforcement officer has to identify in a crisis scene. Lastly I am going to talk about how I would respond to emotionally disturbed person, spouse abuse, Child abuse, and Juvenile crisis, suicide residential in progress & post incident, suicide in…

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  • Law Enforcement Officer Duties

    Law enforcement officers have the responsibility of upholding the law, protecting the community, and keep order among society. With that being said there are many roles that law enforcement officers fulfill within their occupation. Although there are many roles an officer may fulfill, two of those roles I believe would go hand in hand is the apprehension of offenders and preserving the peace. I think that in order for a police officers to maintain peace with in a community he/she must do their…

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  • Law Enforcement Officer Essay

    Law enforcement officers will always be a position that is in demand here in the United States. This is ever so evident since the first known law enforcement system was created in America over 350 years ago. (Johnson, 1981). From its most humble beginnings with the Sheriff and the Constables being appointed to the current structures that exist today where there is an application process and an election process. Times have changed and so has the qualifications needed to fill these positions of…

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  • Law Enforcement Officer Code Of Ethics Analysis

    The Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics is a vital tool in the Criminal Justice field. The code is in place to remind the officers of their duties and obligations to the public. The code encourages every officer to stay in the side of the law and stay faithful to our country. All the Canons are important and assist our officers serve ethically. Personally, for the sake of this assignment, I believe Canon 1, 4, and 6 are the most important. Canon 1 states “The Primary responsibility of police…

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  • Law Enforcement Officer Personal Statement Examples

    I have worked as a first responder for over 25 years in the areas of fire fighter, EMS, and law enforcement. I have been a Law Enforcement Officer since November 2001. I have served in state (WV) and local (Cumberland MD) jurisdictions. I have worked as a school resource officer for 9 years and currently serve approximately 1,500 students as a senior officer for the city of Cumberland schools within Allegany County MD. I have been an active member of NASRO since joining in 2007 and I have…

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  • Essay On Law Enforcement

    greatest challenges law enforcement faces in today’s age is public scrutiny. Law enforcements actions are being placed under the proverbial microscope on an unprecedented scale and only from a single view point, what the media chooses to display. Often times the public will make snap judgments against law enforcement based solely on what they see from a 60 second news clip. While law enforcement cannot control misguided views from media sources, law enforcement can influence the reaction from…

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  • Roles Of Policing

    residents, and how some of those community residents perception has been stunted by the ongoing issues that police officers, has been involved in, it looks like that the badge has become an escape to commit crime and be protected. Travis III, said it well, policing is developing a perspective. This perspective maintains that policing in practice, the product of a unique balance among the people, organizations, and communities involved…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trends In Policing

    POP also relies on community resources in order to successfully address crime. POP correspondingly attempts to involve citizens in crime prevention through education, negotiation, and conflict management (Schmalleger, 2015). Police officers identify problems throughout the scanning stage. Then they will collect and analyze information during the analysis stage. This is done by working with other law enforcement agencies and the community. Once the analysis phase is complete producing solutions…

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