Police Incident Essay

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In this paper I am going to talk about the attributes a law enforcement officer needs to do in a crisis incident. How it will make them successful in that incident and how they can make the scene calm. I’m also going to talk about the concerns a law enforcement officer has to identify in a crisis scene. Lastly I am going to talk about how I would respond to emotionally disturbed person, spouse abuse, Child abuse, and Juvenile crisis, suicide residential in progress & post incident, suicide in progress & post incident.

The attributes in a officer are very important and make an officer. If they don 't have these attributes you couldn 't be a law enforcement officer. The first attribute I would say you need when responding
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Safety is the first order of business when they arrive. They need to scan the scene to make sure everyone is okay. If a victim is still on scene, call for necessary back up and check if emergency services are on their way. Then they should see if the attacker or perpetrator is still on the scene or if he/she fled. If the perpetrator left the scene, get any leads from witnesses and have a team to capture the attacker. Do necessary steps to keep the town or city safe as well. After making the scene safe, catch any witnesses and get their story. You need all the evidence you can get to solve the crime and witnesses are a major part. The last concern on the crime scene is to properly preserve any evidence and to block off the scene. Police officers must also always be mindful of their own safety as we have uprising issues like police brutality. There is a recent increase in violence to police officers so this is a higher concern as time goes on. These are the most important concerns for police when they arrive to the …show more content…
If someone expresses that they want or have a plan to commit suicide, as a mandated reporter I need to call emergency services, and take witness testimonies from those close to them or who they confided in. First, I should try to calm them down and talk them out of it as best as I can. If I succeed at this, then refer them to a place where they can get proper help. As for a suicide in progress, call for emergency services immediately and do everything you can to save the person. If you did save them, get them admitted to the hospital, block off the scene and preserve any necessary evidence and collect any information from witnesses. Go on to create an investigation and connect the victim to a social work case and the necessary help. Safety is always the number one concern and first step in any crisis. Creating this safety can come in many different forms, and be different depending on the scenario. Being prepared for every situation is an essential part of being a police officer and is important we study them. Knowing what we would go at any given time will help us no matter what the

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