Law Enforcement Officer Code Of Ethics Analysis

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The Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics is a vital tool in the Criminal Justice field. The code is in place to remind the officers of their duties and obligations to the public. The code encourages every officer to stay in the side of the law and stay faithful to our country. All the Canons are important and assist our officers serve ethically. Personally, for the sake of this assignment, I believe Canon 1, 4, and 6 are the most important. Canon 1 states “The Primary responsibility of police officers and organizations is the protection of citizens by upholding the law and respecting the legally expressed will of the whole community and not a particular party or clique” (Bohm & Haley, 2014, pg. 183). I have observed many police officers lose …show more content…
In often situations they will ask the race of the person in need before responding instead of just responding to the individual. Many others overrule the law for their own cliques and look the other way instead of proceeding with the charges or tickets. Canon 4 states “Police Officers should be mindful of the importance of using the proper means to gain proper ends. Officers should not employ illegal means, nor should they disregard public safety or property to accomplish a goal” (Bohm & Haley, 2014, pg. 183). It is saddening to say but man police officer believe they are above the law or the law doesn’t apply to them. If they have to do something illegal to get out of a speeding ticket or a charge, they will do it. I have witnessed many officers “taking care” of tickets for their buddies. I was personally told to present my badge at the courthouse before I pay for my speeding ticket so it can be “taking care of”. I understand that there are procedures in place and a timing goal set for responding to calls but many officers abuse their powers. Many officers speed with their lights on their way home to get there …show more content…
That officer rushing to that location can save a life or prevent a major life changing event of happening. When officers abuse their powers and neglect public safety for their personal use is unacceptable. Canon 6 states “In their private lives, police officers will behave in such a manner that public will “regard (the officer) as an example of stability, fidelity, and morality.” It is necessary that police officers conduct themselves in a “decent and honorable” manner” (Bohm & Haley, 2014, pg. 183). This point is a pet peeve of mines. Many officers that I am friends with tend to forget they are police officers when they are not in uniform. I personally have police officers as friends on facebook and I come across many posts when they are committing an illegal act and posting about it. Each police officer is a reflection of the whole department in uniform and out of it. Every employee not only police officers should take pride in their occupation and present it well. The individual should be respected from the way they present themselves and their

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