Are Cops Good Or Bad Essay

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Not all cops are bad
Police Officers: Courageous, strong, brave, amazing people, but to some they are all brutal, evil, horrible people. Not since the 1960s have police been subjected to so much criticism, disaffection, and public abuse (Moore). Yet, not all cops are bad people like people tend to think. A good majority of police are honest, caring, loving people that love their job, protecting us and their city from harm. Of course, there are the handful of officers that abuse their power, that do not deserve to wear their badges. They are the ones that give the hardworking, honest, caring ones, the ones that have a love for their job, a bad name. Not all cops are bad, corrupt people. We need to change the public’s perception of police officers.
Police officers risk their lives every single day to protect you, your children, your family, and community. How can you hate someone whose job is to protect you? Police officers have
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The media is a huge factor in why people have such a bad perception of police officers. A police officer of 16 years on says, “Good cops do not make headlines. No one wants to read or hear about the officer who, with no protection, went into a burning house or worked on a burning car to save a person he/she didn 't know.” They only tell the bad stories about them. It only takes a hand full of officers that abuse their power, to give all cops a bad name. You also may have had an experience with a cop that made your perception of them change. Such as giving you a ticket for only going 5 over the speed limit. You still broke the law, and you were aware that you did. They do not make the law, they only enforce it. If you wouldn’t have broken the law in the first place, you would not have a problem with the police. It is not their fault, they’re just enforcing the law so that nobody gets hurt. Without police officers the world would be a hectic

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