Essay On Police Brutality In America

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I’m peacefully walking down the crowded and distinguished street of Broadway, New York. I am unarmed, I have nothing harmful on me. A police officer is coming my direction. I thought to myself, “ There is nothing suspicious about me. I have done nothing wrong. There’s no way he’s coming for me.” Is he looking at me? I was suddenly distracted by my thoughts when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down and saw blood gushing out…
An innocent, unarmed, black man. But he is shot. Why? The police brutality in America is out of control that is why. The police perform unnecessary tasks, they take advantage of their power, and they’re prejudice.
A reason why the police in America is out of control is they take advantage of their powers. They have the right to arrest, hit, and kill people. With that being said,
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Lately I've encountered police who give people uncalled punishments. They harass people for no proper reason. They also go overboard with their punishments. Arresting someone doesn't require choking them to death or shooting them 16 times.
One major part of the police brutality is they are prejudice. Prejudice police killed many innocent people. They also kill people because they base their judgment on race. Multiple people have been killed just because the police feels intimidated by their skin color. Racist policemen are a major problem in the police brutality situation.
It is understandable that not everyone in the police field are harmful and racist. They do sometimes have to hurt people to protect others, that is their job; to protect. However, there are many police who are aggressive and prejudice and no one like that should be the ones protecting the people. The police are suppose to make you feel safe. Their job is to protect you. But lately, I’ve encountered policemen who take advantage of their powers and give people uncalled punishments, they also go overboard with their

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