The Role Of Police Brutality In America

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Police Brutality is a modern issue Americans come to face daily. There are different perceptions of the violence caused by police, along with their roles in our communities, as well as our nation. The severity of police brutality is evident through the statistics given by the cases of victims, and the number of cases from previous years.
Americans might ask themselves, what is the true definition of police brutality? Police brutality is the violation of civil rights, that occurs when policemen refer to excessive force by using an amount of force with a civilian that is more than necessary. In today 's society, police brutality is extremely frequent, which is why people 's “civil rights” are not valued like they used to be. Two notorious incidents
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People the American as a global embodiment of freedom and protection of human rights and Americans need to realize the stigma. The United States has an expectation to live up to, being the “land of the free and opportunities”, nations expect our people to be unified; like we encourage other countries to be. People will not take what we stand for seriously if we can not even abide by what we live by. Newest Americans question – “how can the people who are supposed to protect you be the same once you are harassing you and your people and routing your rights?” Robert L Kahn wrote, “The amount of violent behavior in a society is determined by a number of social indicators which influence members of that society to condemn or justify violence.” His statement is relatable with law enforcement and its citizens; people need to grasp the fact that there is blame, and has to fall on someone. While 72 percent of Americans are in favor for the police and their behavior, 47 percent think the number of cases of police officers excessive force against civilians is increasing, according to the latest Reason-Rupe poll. There is a significant difference of perception across race and ethnicity, as well as income and age. Younger, lower-income, and nonwhites are more likely than …show more content…
In 1861 the Police Act states that their job is to detect and bring a friend or two dresses and apprehend all persons whom the please officer is legally authorized to apprehend. The modern goal of police officers is to serve and protect, they serve to their communities by hoping citizens in the times of crisis in emergencies come they protect them on the road and protect them in their communities. Police unions have a long history of fighting against corrective measures in ways that range from near riots to work stoppages. Investigations of misconduct by police force members are often conducted by members of the same police department. These internal units are thought to be separate from the rest of the force, but members trained at the same police academy, have served in the same precincts, and are not exactly the unbiased objective investigators that would be necessary for the investigation. Even in places that have authorized civilian oversight of these units, police commissioners often have a voice, not only in their appointment but also in the punishment of officers. This causes citizens to question credibility of the police departments, and even results in distrust for them, tarnishing the relationship between law enforcement and all Americans. People used to turn to policemen for safety, but in today 's time, people fear their safety when they come in contact in the

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