The Law Enforcement Officer

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The Law enforcement officer includes the various police and various personnel who are mandated to keep law and order in the society. These team frequently interacts with the public in their daily operations. Just like other civil servants, personal characteristics defines the performance of the operations of these officers including power vested upon them coupled with ego. This is as discussed below into details.
The judicial system has no right to detain a person without trying them .The officers will detain an innocent person with a claim of restraining them for officers’ safety or for the safety of the public. They are the only people who can detain a person without trail. Under these circumstances, the judicial system will
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They will generally do anything possible to victimize the arrested person with an intention of concealing the officer involved in the violation of the human rights. They achieve this by misusing the authority vested upon them by the constitution.
The officers abuse their powers and act out of ego because they are aware that the judicial system; the prosecutor is happy and ready to assist the officers in offending their victims. It is equally hard for the judicial system to prosecute an officer for an activity related to his duty. An example of shootings fifteen unarmed people at Los Angeles in 2010 by Sheriff Department was a complete abuse of power by the officers.
Some of the officers take advantage of the ignorance of the citizen on their human rights. Some people think that it is right to be brutally handled by the officer and to be arrested without a reasonable cause. In other cases, this kind of an incidence is used by the officers to receive bribes from the victims which amount to misuse of power for personal
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The officers will do what is within their powers to defend one another and maintain their ego in public. The abuse of power is prevalent at the individual level and also at the departmental levels. Under reasonable conditions, the law enforcement officers should use their powers to protect their image to the public while maintaining their jurisdiction of work. However the constitution defines the code of conduct for the officers and they should try as much as possible to avert personal attributes such as power and ego in their

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