Store X Case Study

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There are several steps that every worker at store X is required to know, those include approaching and welcoming customers as soon as they enter the store, showing product knowledge, offering add- on such as wallets to match with the handbags and so on. However, the two most important steps are making sure customers are been look after and the aesthetics of the store. The design and the way the store is organized play a big role in the decision making of a customer to enter the store. It is known that aesthetics elements have influence in increasing the rate of customers purchase (Healy 2007, p. 754). A well-designed and organized store can communicate with customers thru visual cause by creating an environment that makes the products look …show more content…
Other studies have shown that touching products can create psychological sense of ownership as well as symbolic connections between customer and product, which is crucial for purchase decision-making (Williams and Ackerman 2011). Customers are trying to picture themselves thru touch, imagination and how it feels to wear it, influencing their emotions toward the touched items (Soars 2009, p. 294). Another important aspect in the creation of pleasant shopping environment is the manipulation of the olfactory as music has been long known to touch individuals emotions. My co-workers and I often forget to turn on the music or sometimes re start the song after is over. Most of us would not notice that the music was suddenly off however, every time my manager would visit the store she would turn on the music and sometimes remind us about it. Managers notice this details because they are in charge of ensuring the store environment is in order to maximize sales. What stores also do to manipulate customers to have the desire to buy is placing products into themes that resemble our everyday needs and occasions. When reorganizing the display table with new items my manager would tell me to make little stories with the handbags. For example for summer I would place bright color of handbags all of them matching each other and with almost the same pattern. We were also informed to put always a handbags that would suit to day and night occasions and wallets that would match with the other items surroundings. We would also place the handbags according to people clothing styles as some people have casual, classy and many other ways of styling themselves. Making themes and styles with the handbags help individuals image how would it look on them as well as for those searching for gifts to be able to look at an item which will remind them of the other. One of the main goals of retails

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