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  • Frank W. Tolman Sr.: Case Study

    A Purchase and Sale Agreement was drafted and signed by Farmer; however Grenier’s file doesn’t contain a copy signed by the Tolmans or on their behalf by a POA or Guardian. It is unclear if the Purchase and Sale Agreement was ever properly executed. Additionally, according to Grenier, he spoke constantly with Tolman Sr. regarding the price of the property, and he also communicated with Tolman Jr. In reviewing the file it does appear that he spoke with Tolman Sr. frequently, however those communications seem to be in the early 2000’s when the property first went on the market. Closer to the sale several of the drafted documents were sent to Tolman Jr for review, and there are several notations in the billing records regarding calls with Jr. It is entirely possible that there was a breakdown in communication between father and…

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  • Reputation Management Case Study

    relationship is with an organisation’s publics, we will look at a local organisation, the Ports of Auckland and analyse the management, interaction and direct consequences of it’s publics. The Ports of Auckland (PoA) located on the Waitemata harbour, is the largest container seaport in New Zealand, with container volumes representing ‘50.38% of the Upper North Island container trade, 42% of the North Island container trade and 31.3% of New Zealand 's total container trade’ (Ports of Auckland,…

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  • Chief Lansdowne Case Study

    In 2008, the City of San Diego and the San Diego Police Officer’s Association (POA) entered contract negotiation. The Chief of Police at the time was Chief William Lansdowne; a veteran police officer himself, Lansdowne was a very charismatic and eloquent speaker. Chief Lansdowne was brought in from the outside (former San Jose Police Chief), in hopes of reshaping the police culture within the San Diego Police Department. Chief Lansdowne quickly made some internal changes to include,…

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  • Biological Gender Theory

    It seems as if after the famous Dr. Money conducted his research that the field abandoned efforts to continue research. I have searched through journals, books, and countless websites and can’t find any information that has been conducted recently. The SDN-POA theory I feel was a lead, but there has been no significant evidence to show that it makes a difference in the human body. I think that the biological approach was very demanding and if you want to prove something scientifically that it…

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  • Decision-Making Process: Hiring A Physician's Office Assistant

    benefit from. I can hire another Physician Office Assistant or another Registered Nurse. In the facility we are cross trained to do each other’s role. However, we are limited by compliance laws and training when there is a need for another nurse. The Registered Nurse can be trained to do the Physician’s Office Assistant’s job, but the POA cannot, by law, do the job of an RN. When a nurse calls out it leaves us with a staffing shortage. It slows…

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  • Ethnicity In Hong Kong Essay

    The policies of ‘biliteracy and trilingualism’ (liangwen sanyu) and ‘mother-tongue teaching’ were introduced with aims to balance the status of English, Cantonese and Putonghua - neglecting the ethnic minorities by the assumption that students in Hong Kong all share the same mother tongue (Fang, 2011). Due to limited mastery of the Chinese language (Cantonese and Putonghua as spoken forms, and traditional Chinese characters as written form), South Asian ethnic minorities are unable to enjoy the…

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  • Ethical Issues In Graphic Design Essay

    refuse medication, it is important to counsel the patients on the ramifications of medication refusal (ncbi.gov, July, 1996). But on the other hand, if it is a patient that is aware of their surroundings and is able to use good sound judgment being of sound mind and body, is it such a bad thing when a patient, especially an elderly patient that refuses medication or any sort of treatment. If that patient is in their right mind, regardless of age, that person should be allowed to make their own…

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  • Biological Contributions To Sexual Orientation

    sex. According to Freberg (2015), sexual orientation is “a stable pattern of attraction to members of a particular sex (p.344).” In this research paper, I will briefly discuss the biological contributions to sexual orientation. We will first discuss the contributions of hormones to an individual’s orientation. Then after, we will highlight the brain’s structure with its linkage to sexual orientation. Lastly, we will see the role of genetics with sexual orientation. Understanding the biological…

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  • Social Media In 21st Century Marketing

    When deciding on what social media outlets to use, research needs to be conducted to find the most used outlets in your business area. This will be the easiest portion of the POA, because it is safe to assume that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are going to be in the top 5. A key thing to remember whenever you create these accounts is that you are portraying your company, not portraying your personal life. Therefore, keep your personal life off the page. Make sure to use an easy…

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  • Depressed Patient Case Summary

    The patients not treated fairly the doctor needed to be reprimanded about the unfair treatment of the patient. R. L. had every right to make his decisions in his care plan. A resulting factor the doctor did not listen to what was in the best interest of his patient nor at any point involved the next of kin in addressing the care of the patient. ACHE state, encourage and participate in the public dialogue on health care policy issues, and advocate solution that will improve health status and…

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