Hybrid Vehicles Essay

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Imagine a world with no more all gas vehicles just hybrids or all electric cars and trucks. There will be less emissions being let off all at once it virtually will be cut in half. Many car companies have made the push to manufacture electric cars. Also many of the high end luxury companies like Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and BMW are making the push for it. You may think this raises the price and it has the chance of doing it depending on the car. The systems are getting more advanced as the days go by the cars get smarter and smarter also. These systems are intended to reduce the emissions that are released by normal cars. There are several significant ways that electric and hybrid vehicles will help the planet and the environment in the long run.
The history of hybrid and non fossil fueled vehicles goes all the way back to 1839 when the first actual non gas vehicle was made by Robert Anderson, of Scotland
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Sedan or car. They rarely make large SUV’s in hybrid form because they’re so big they use very large batteries and take a lot of energy to power them. Now there are so many choices and different styles out there, there’s one for everyone. First you have to choose if you want an all electric (or plug in) or a plug in hybrid which is a half battery half regular combustion engine (gas engine). The all electric vehicles are meant for short travel like to work and back, or running errands around town, on average they get about 100 miles to a full charge (“Car and driver, pg.1”). The hybrid is good for either of these things plus you can go on a road trip or travel long distances without having to worry about the car not making it because they run on gas also. After this knowing a brand and your price range, the vehicles go from common everyday cars to high powered supercars with over nine hundred

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