Essay On The First Automobile In America

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The First Automobile in America

Some people wonder who, when or what we use today was invented. What was the first car in America? Automobiles, also known as cars started at 1895 in America. James Frank Duryea began the experiment of making a car with his brother. The vehicle was driven in a race. The news about this car went on posters after the race and people heard more about it. This automobile was eventually called the Duryea Motor Wagon. Also gained their own company. The brothers, Charles Duryea and Frank Duryea, experimented with a wagon. They started off as bicycle mechanics until they saw a gasoline engine at a Ohio fair and became interested in the engines. After testing the motor wagon in Springfield Massachusetts, it was taken out in the spring of 1892. The motor had the maximum of four horse power. Only a
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Frank and Charles told different stories of who constructed the car and engine more. Charles said he completed the model under his own guidance, though Frank explained that he made, designed the engine and more while Charles was in Illinois. Everyone knows though, they both constructed a successful model of Springfield Massachusetts in 1893. Frank Duryea made a more improved version of the car and was then noticed more in 1895 after he won multiple races, one of them had a prize of $2,000 for who ever wins. Though most people know that Henry Ford was most known and noticed for his invention of a car in America, but he wasn’t the one who made the first american automobile. That credit goes to the Duryea brothers, Frank and Charles. Who built their first car in a workshop. Frank Duryea won a race in just over 10 hours in an average speed of 7.3mph. After the race on Thanksgiving in Chicago, newspapers and posters came out about their car. A Springfield newspaper presented the seeing of the Duryea automobile in 1893. Announcing no use for

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