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  • Rhetorical Strategies Of Will Knight Summary

    The wording doesn’t really allow for an investigation on why the Autopilot system crashed in the beginning. It leads to a very one sided take on the crashes. Knight does demonstrate how the system works. Knight tells the readers about the Israeli company, MobileEye, who supplies technology to Tesla. They build deep learning software for vehicles to process things such as “lane markings, road signs, and other objects in video footage.” Knight then says that the “flip side is that it can be more complicated to understand how these systems work,” and Knights statement, “We’re at a moment where this could put the brakes on progress,” really sums his argument up. Knight thinks we will eventually move over to driverless cars, but we need to really exercise extreme caution and possibly put the brakes on it for now until we know exactly how to use these systems. Whereas Thomas Frey has a quite different tone. Frey states that “they will accelerate our mobility as a society, and do it in a stellar fashion.” This is a strikingly different tone to Knight’s statement. Frey even states that “it would be foolish of highway engineers to ignore the opportunity to build roads as…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Driverless Driving

    pressing one button or telling the computer where do they want to go. Driving-assisted car could include technology like adaptive cruise control, self-parking. For some driving assistance cars, there are some moments they can drive by themselves, but human drivers are expected to take action when there is something wrong with the car driving system. The car could back out of self-driving mode when it needs human 's help. Toyota has been developing the Mobility Teammate Concept since 1990s. It…

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  • Auto Pilot Driving Case Study

    Auto pilot driving, also called self-driving, a brand new industry that arises public concern currently, was initiated by Tesla Motor within current two years. As literally defines, autopilot driving is a system used in a car to drive or operate without hand-in control by drivers. Tesla Motor, obviously, is not the first enterprise, nor the only enterprise entering this new market. However, we cannot deny that this flag Silicon Valley company successfully attracts public’s focus; more…

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  • Ida's Autopilots: A Short Story

    When she had recieved the call from a tremebling voiced Siobhan, Ida was left speechless. It had only been three hours ago that she leftt the pub with everyone in fine condition or so she thought. As soon as the phone call ended Ida was already dialing Mick wondering if he was already there. When she recieved no answer, she sent a few urgent text before turning on her autopilot. She faintly felt as if she was forgetting something important and an angry phonecall from Liam's daycare only…

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  • Autopilot: A Sad Short Story

    Autopilot Short story Autopilot is a sad short story that tell us how a slight change in routine can lead to a huge extremes. Though this story takes things to extreme measures, that I thought to be unlikely, it remains plausible and believable. A phone is placed on charger instead of in your bag like normal and then it is forgotten. Your phone is forgot because your mind is now running on its routine and in your routine your phone is in your bag. What about a child? You forgot to drop your…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Mindless Autopilot

    Stop reading if this doesn’t fit. Have you ever felt like you wake up, get ready, maybe get the kids ready, head off to work or school, take the old same route to work every day, get off work, go to the gym, go cook dinner, watch some TV, get ready for bed, then go to bed and do that same day all over again. If this sounds pretty familiar to you; then it might be wise to go back and reread the mindless autopilot rerun of a life that you may be living. We usually don’t open our eyes to see what…

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  • Write An Essay Of A Short Story

    If I would of known this was my last time seeing the sun rise I would have thought better then to spend it laying in my bed. I would have done anything else if I knew this would be the end for me: Perhaps I would of told my family and friends that I would miss them, or maybe I would of gotten up earlier than usual to make myself a cup of coffee, or possibly boarded up the house from any random strangers that would of wanted to kill me. But no, instead I preformed my normal summer ritual that I…

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  • Tesla Car

    Cars”, written by Kirsten Korosec addressed the new advancements in Tesla's self parking/driving car technology. Tesla, the creators of the full electric car, have recently introduced new software dubbed “autopilot” which when activated takes control of the entire vehicle and drives it for you. Due to constant improvements in this technology they frequently distribute online software updates that further improve the vehicle's automation. The most recent of these updates is being dubbed “Summon”…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

    This week’s reading topic is about driverless cars. In The New York Times article “Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government” by Cecilia Kang, the article focuses on the federal auto safety regulators in Washington, they believe that “the nation’s highways will be safer with more cars driven by machines not people.” However, the self-driving feature known as Autopilot did raise up some concerns about the safety factor among the passenger when the technology fails. In…

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  • Insane Research Paper

    First things first: in order to completely value Tesla’s Autopilot feature, you will need to trust the Tesla, much like you would a new barber or an eyebrow lady. *Two taps of the autopilot lever towards me and the monitor above the steering wheel let me know it was time to take my hands off the wheel (every so often the screen will tell you to put your hands on the wheel just to make sure you didn’t fall…

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