Rhetorical Strategies Of Will Knight Summary

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Rhetorical Strategies of Will Knight and Thomas Frey’s articles Background and Intro - With so many cars on the roads today and cities as congested as ever, companies are looking at the many ways we can make the entire commuting process better. Tesla released its first semi-autonomous car back in 2015 with the hopes that it would be the initial push for the entire industry. Autonomous cars really picked up throughout the early 2000s with Google’s self-driving car project. Google released a prototype back in 2008 and ever since, their cars have been driving around in controlled environments, learning how to handle things such as turns, braking, and day-to-day activities, however, Tesla has stolen the show with their semi-autonomous cars now …show more content…
The wording doesn’t really allow for an investigation on why the Autopilot system crashed in the beginning. It leads to a very one sided take on the crashes. Knight does demonstrate how the system works. Knight tells the readers about the Israeli company, MobileEye, who supplies technology to Tesla. They build deep learning software for vehicles to process things such as “lane markings, road signs, and other objects in video footage.” Knight then says that the “flip side is that it can be more complicated to understand how these systems work,” and Knights statement, “We’re at a moment where this could put the brakes on progress,” really sums his argument up. Knight thinks we will eventually move over to driverless cars, but we need to really exercise extreme caution and possibly put the brakes on it for now until we know exactly how to use these systems. Whereas Thomas Frey has a quite different tone. Frey states that “they will accelerate our mobility as a society, and do it in a stellar fashion.” This is a strikingly different tone to Knight’s statement. Frey even states that “it would be foolish of highway engineers to ignore the opportunity to build roads as …show more content…
Knight wants the best system for the people of tomorrow. Knight wants these systems to be safe, reliable, and precise. Knight does not want to see accidents like the Autopilot crashes. The gives tone that while is slightly pessimistic and very caution shows that he is caring. The more these systems are analyzed and examined, the more confident the engineers can be about these systems. On the other hand, Frey is very optimistic. Frey is excited for the future and what it holds. He sees the Autopilot system as a stepping stone. While things may go wrong, they will improve and get better. Frey shows what people have to look forward to with autonomous cars, and not to be afraid of these technologies and to allow failures to come as they will and take them in stride and make them better for next time. There are certainly flaws in both of the articles, but there is also a lot of thought and care put into them as

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