Essay on The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Car

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"Get in, go to sleep, and wake up at your destination." The Pros and Cons of Driverless Car
It 's been estimated that nine of ten car accidents are caused by human errors. As a human, we get bored, sometimes could get drunk, nod off at wheel, run red lights, take phone call, send text message, those all make us terrible drivers. Computers don 't get distracted as humans, they make rational decisions much faster than human during the limited time. Many pros believe that the widespread use of the self-driving car can prevent the accidents due to human errors. The sensors loaded in car can sense everything such as pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles, around the car, make decisions of every aspect, while humans have blind spots. One of the biggest advantage the self-driving car will bring to people is that it can save considerable time for drivers. Driving a long way is boring and exhausting, a self-driving car can save people from this situation. Instead of holding the wheel all the time, the driver could be engaged in their work or just read books for entertainment. While many of the Pros reckon the fear of the people towards driverless cars will certainly impede the safer driving age coming.
Many people claim that driverless car will be taking driving skills away from human beings. In the future, many people choose to buy a self-driving car, they won 't need to have too much practical driving experience. The young generations won 't know how to react to the situation…

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