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  • Essay On Self Driving Car

    First of all, everyday new technological advancement, great innovation and advanced technology appear that could change our life. As the time goes, many of those have changed a lot of things in different sectors such as: economy, health, business, education and social life. One of the most affected innovations is car. Cars have affected our social life in many ways so it made our tasks easier, faster and more comfortable. It helped us to communicate and corporate with each other easily. Before this innovation, people were depending on traditional types of transportation and they were wasting a lot of time in order to move from one place to another. Nowadays, many companies tried to improve and develop new technology in different ways, but the most interesting one is what a company called Google did, because they innovate a self-driving car. Self-driving cars are driverless cars that have the ability to sense the surrounding environment of the car. It can transfer from one place to another without any human contribution. As the company claim, those type of cars will be safe for everyone so it will help all people regardless to their ability to drive such as disabled people and those who are not able to drive cars because of their age. As definition, self-driving car is an automatic car that can drive itself to a specific destination according to the passenger. It controls the car features such as break system, sensors, navigation, safety distance, light, parking,…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Driverless Driving

    "Get in, go to sleep, and wake up at your destination." The Pros and Cons of Driverless Car It 's been estimated that nine of ten car accidents are caused by human errors. As a human, we get bored, sometimes could get drunk, nod off at wheel, run red lights, take phone call, send text message, those all make us terrible drivers. Computers don 't get distracted as humans, they make rational decisions much faster than human during the limited time. Many pros believe that the widespread use of the…

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  • A Case Study Of Ernst And Young

    The industries are facing constantly changing and increasingly complex environment due in today’s society. Therefore, this needs to be timely and effective future strategy to help the industries to respond to these changes to take practical measures. At the same time, this also builds internal ability in the uncertain world to achieve sustainable business results. Ernst and young is one of the successful global firms and has the unique strategy that enhances the firm in the Global Market. This…

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  • Design For Living Analysis

    Film is a unique artform in which meaning can be derived from not only the content, but also the form in which it is presented. It is often the case in which the plot, characters, and themes of a film work in harmony with formal elements such as the mis-en-scene or cinematography in order to create a piece with a greater sense of meaning which typically may not be obvious to a viewer who is not analyzing them in conjunction. One film that excellently portrays the relation between content and…

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  • Ernst Stromer: The Curious Little Bone Hunter

    The Curious Little Bone Hunter Ernst Stromer was a determined man. He visited the Bahariya Oasis to look for mammal fossils with his pal Richard Markgraf, but he found some other intriguing fossils that captivated him for the rest of his life. Between 1940 and 1944, Stromer identified the bones of Aegyptosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and the largest known carnivorous dinosaur, Spinosaurus. He also found 42 other types of dinosaurs, fish, crocodiles, and turtles. Ernst Stromer discoveries were…

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  • Morning In The Burned House Summary

    In “Morning in the Burned House,” Margaret Atwood suggests that when recalling the past there is a tendency for a person to desire dwelling in the past instead of living in the present, therefore there must be a destructive force in order to reinforce reality and continue progress. The author of the poem carefully chose the title as it reveals a lot about the entire meaning of the poem. Atwood used words such as morning, burned, and house in the title. Morning might be a connotation of a new…

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  • Sailing To Byzantium Poem Analysis

    ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ is first published in 1928 as part of Yeast’s collection and it contains four stanzas. The poem ‘sailing to Byzantium’ is mainly about different between art and ordinary life. In the poem poet transform himself into work of art and he explores his thought and musing on how immortality art and the human spirit may converge. The poem ‘Sailing to Byzantium’in particular is its rich symbolism. Symbols are essentially words which are not merely connotative but also suggestive,…

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  • Julius Caesar Rise To Power

    their country. The death of Ernst Rohm in Germany, which leads to Hitler’s rise in power can be related to the assassination of Julius Caesar because of their ambition and the jealousy of others around them. The power men acquire may lead them to accomplish great things or it can lead to their undoing.…

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  • Lee Vs Lehman Brothers

    Lee emphasized on how the Lehman’s use of Repo 105, which was used to move about $50 billion in debt off the Lehman Brothers book (Jennings, 2012, p.289-290). However, Jennings (2012) explain that the firm’s auditor Ernst & Young, described Mr. Lee’s memorandum as “pretty ugly,” and determined that his claims were irrelevant and baseless which Mr. Lee was dismissed from Lehman Brothers (p.290). Shortly after Mr. Lee was let go Lehman declared bankruptcy in September 2008. According to Jennings…

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  • What Did I Learn In English Class

    • The facts that explain why you are concerned: Well, English is my 2nd language, and I’m re-taking this course (English 102) for the second time. I’ve been working hard in this class in order to pass it, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. Yes, I’ve gotten a couple of zeros on quizzes, which is my fault. And that one time where I didn’t know that we (students) aren’t allowed to use their own papers that they had before on a repeated class. I’ve been going to the writing center in almost…

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