Sailing To Byzantium Poem Analysis

‘Sailing to Byzantium’ is first published in 1928 as part of Yeast’s collection and it contains four stanzas. The poem ‘sailing to Byzantium’ is mainly about different between art and ordinary life. In the poem poet transform himself into work of art and he explores his thought and musing on how immortality art and the human spirit may converge. The poem ‘Sailing to Byzantium’in particular is its rich symbolism. Symbols are essentially words which are not merely connotative but also suggestive, evocative and emotive. The nature, a gyre and golden birds are some symbolism which because of preordained energies or because of long association evokes emotion. 

In the yeast poem ‘sailing to Byzantium’ poet use nature as symbolism of youth because
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Yeast use golden birds as symbolism of justice and perfection because of preordained energies as color of the gold signifies a lots at first color of gold signifies a success, achievement and gold if generous and giving compassionate and gold is also symbolism of sharing the wisdom and knowledge with other. Since color of the gold in yellow it is also symbolism of winner. Symbolism of birds is freedom they can walk on the earth and swim in the sea as humans do but they also have the ability to soar into sky. Birds are free to roam to earth and the sky and they are considering as link between heaven and earth. In the poem yeast imagine himself transform into work of arts that is in form of a golden birds. “Of hammered gold and gold …show more content…
As poet feel that golden birds are perfection and they are beyond the decay and death, there for he will be unlike dying generations.
Once he became golden bird he doesn’t have to worry about anything, the world of the golden bird will be perfect. As golden bird he will appear to be singing song all the time to audience of lord and ladies of Byzantium. 

The historical context, unlike in yeast other poems such as ‘Easter 1916 ’,has not much significances in understanding the poem ‘sailing to Byzantium’. The forms are associated through long association and preordained energies thus reader can understand it more or less.  The only important context needs is the knowledge about the city of ‘Byzantium’. 

The main idea of this essay is about the symbolism such as nature, perne of gyre and golden birds either because of their preordained energies or because of long association, evoke emotion as mention in above essay.

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