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  • The Providence: Italian Venice Mythology Essay

    strength and superiority to me. In addition to Zeus being almighty, the addition of the rams ears give him a strength and recognition across all breeds. His hair seems to be sculpted specifically to look luscious, wavy and soft. It adds to his god like features and shows him to be of higher importance than most. This sculpture is rumored to also represent Alexander the Great who was said to be a descendant of Zeus so it gives the strength and headstrong power of a god to Alexander. Type of Artifact: Bronze Statue of Eros Material: Bronze Date of Artifact: 3rd Century B.C. – Early 1st Century A.D. The Providence: Greek Hellenistic or Augustan * Said to be from the Island of the Rhodes Eros is the Greek male version of love. He is the son of Aphrodite. Eros is often represented blindfolded because love is blind. He was shooting golden arrows into the hearts of mortals and also immortals spreading physical desire but also numbness and pain. I believe this image of Eros sleeping as a child was depicted because he is the god of love and he is known to use his strength in passion for mischievous tasks. Him sleeping and in a relaxed state allows us to realize that love can still be innocent and passionate. Love is something that everyone wants, but it is also unpredictable. Him awakening and causing havoc only encourages the unpredictable factor of love and passion. Type of Artifact: Bronze Statuette of Cybele on a Cart drawn by lions Material: Bronze Date of Artifact: 2nd half…

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  • Greek Influence On American Literature

    and bromine and “-dermis” which means skin, layer and is used in words like epidermis which means the outer layer of cells covering an organism. There are also some famous words that originate from the Greek mythological icons like Atlas who held up the sky and whose name is shared with the cartography books that are filled with maps of various countries. Chronological, a list in order by time, and chronic, a constant of something, were words that were inspired by Chronos whose more commonly…

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  • Marcuse's Eros And Civilization

    The theoretical themes in Marcuse’s Eros and Civilisation and One Dimensional Man have roots in both Marx and Freud’s theories. In explaining the existence of society, Marcuse shows how the motivations of the individual maintain social world, but have been shaped by structural forces. Marcuse extends Marx’s argument through the application of Freud’s psychology of the self, in order to explain how order is maintained and how dissent is controlled and repressed by creating one dimensional man…

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  • Eros And Thanatos Analysis

    Nature, Plagues and the Antidote People are born with an equal capacity to do good and to do evil. In every person there is a ceaseless battle between Eros and Thanatos; the need to preserve and conserve life and the need to destroy all living things, respectively. Life has myriad of events that bring Eros and Thanatos into conflict. War is a constant in human nature so it is expected that was will also be seen in the physical world. War is aided by many different sources but on of the most…

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  • Analysis Of Eros And Agape

    has thus begun an extraordinary path for the Church; in such a path, every man’s heart may be refreshed by an encounter with the Good News. In the encounter of eros and agape and the encounter of desire’s initial spark and the Divine gift that opens it up to new horizons. Human love thus discovers in the depth of its own origins the fullness for which it constantly yearns. The brilliance of the lived encounter between eros and agape can be seen radiating in the one who has experienced such a…

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  • The Concept Of Love In Eros And Agape

    live his life without love, both spiritually and physically. Josef Pieper’s work in faith, hope, love and Anders Nygren’s work in Eros and Agape, both discuss about the concept of love. Although Pieper talks about love in a Catholic’s perspective and Nygren describes the Protestant’s perspective. These two perspectives differ by salvation. In a Catholic religion the bible and the Catholic is necessary for salvation. In the other hand, the Protestant religion believes that faith alone is…

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  • Eros Love Style Analysis

    affairs but love out of friendship and would make a suitable partner to build a life with (King 310). I found myself agreeing with many of the Pragma characteristics on choosing a partner who would fit into future expectations in regards to career and family. I was not surprised with these results since I consider many factors before committing into a relationship. Although the Pragma was the dominant love style, the Eros did not fall behind with only one point difference. I was able to identify…

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  • Eros And Frankenstein Research Paper

    Every human is inevitably born with an impetuous portion of their psyche. This unintelligible slice of the human mind is characterized as the “id,” and it contains our primitive drives, operating largely in accordance with the pleasure principle, whereby its two main goals are the seeking of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. The id can be separated into two parts – the Eros, which is the life instinct that motivates people to focus on pleasure-seeking tendencies, and the Thanatos, which is the…

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  • Eros And Caritas Research Paper

    One must understand that the unified front of eros and agape love, body and soul, is the path to the realization of ones self and his capability to love others and god. When the two are united eros is matured and can practice its authentic purpose. We are then lead to the term ‘Caritas’. Early theories of Christianity raised the questions of ones motivation behind evangelising god’s love. The selfish practice of showing love to reach salvation was a concept acted out. The church retained the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Eros Case

    ‘The Eros Case' "You have thirty days to catch me, detective. If you do not, the consequences will be very severe. The timer starts now. Your deadline is the 31st of March 2017 at 00:00. If I am not behind bars by that time, five hundred people will die. Do not release this tape to the public, and keep quiet about this. Oh, and if you need to contact me, I go by the code name Eros. Tick tock, detective, tick tock. " Detective Viktor Nikiforov was the best detective in all America. He was often…

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